a doctor getting ready to explain what do you learn in intensive outpatient treatment

What Do You Learn In Intensive Outpatient?

It can be hard for some people to put their lives on hold to get addiction treatment. Many people need to balance their treatment with their career, family, or education, making residential treatment an unrealistic option. Thankfully, most rehab facilities will offer outpatient programs. Outpatient programs do not require patients to stay on campus, meaning…

a man talking to his doctor about benefits of dialectical behavior therapy

Who Benefits From Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?

Medical professionals utilize a number of psychotherapy methods to help people overcome addiction and many other mental health disorders. As time moves on and medicine improves, different treatment methods become more and more common. Many people participate in cognitive-behavioral therapy, but not everyone is aware of the benefits of dialectical behavior therapy. When looking for…

a substance abuse professional working at her desk

Substance Abuse Professional

It’s no secret that substance abuse issues cut across all professions. Department of Transportation (DOT) policy requires those who violate the drug and alcohol policy undergo an evaluation by a substance abuse professional. Those working in the world of a substance abuse professional (SAP) include doctors, therapists, social workers, and addiction counselors. All who fill this role…

a man talking to a group about preparing for rehab

Tips for Preparing for Rehab

Once you decide to seek treatment, it’s better to get started as quickly as possible. However, many people have reservations even after making a firm commitment to seeking help for addiction disorders. They may also have concerns like who will take care of their pets or making sure their bills are paid while they’re away…

a woman feeling distressed and thinking about substance abuse and the impact on family

Substance Abuse and the Impact on the Family System

The National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health shows that over 23.5 million Americans suffer from a substance use disorder. Addiction naturally has the largest impact on the addict. It’s important to consider the widespread effects of addiction on the people surrounding the addict.  Substance abuse has a significant impact on families, both as individuals…

a. woman thinking about her child and reasons why teens abuse drugs

Common Reasons Why Teens Abuse Drugs

Teenage drug use and abuse is a problem that affects anywhere from 4-34% of the high school-aged teen population.  Teen drug use has dropped by nearly 45% since 2010. However, teens are still prone to drinking, smoking marijuana, using prescription pills for recreational purposes, and even using illicit drugs such as heroin, and methamphetamine. With…

a woman laying on the ground thinking about Addiction and Your Physical Health

Addiction and Your Physical Health

During the COVID-19 crisis we hear a lot about vulnerable populations. This is the intersection where your addiction and COVID-19 meet. Vulnerable populations include: the elderly, those with underlying conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma and those with compromised immune systems. Unfortunately, if you have an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol you fall into a…