a woman using meditation in recovery

Using Meditation in Recovery

Meditation aids recovery from all kinds of problems, from mental to physical. There are dozens of benefits to using meditation in recovery, for instance, stress reduction. The following article will explore some of the benefits of meditation and holistic therapy.Meditation in RecoveryMeditation and mindfulness can help at any recovery stage, whether you or your loved…

a man struggling with depression and alcoholism

Depression and Alcoholism

It’s daunting to tackle a dual diagnosis, like depression and alcoholism. Depression can influence alcoholism negatively, and vice versa. The following article will examine the link between depression and alcoholism, and how you or a loved one can get help.Dual DiagnosisA dual diagnosis means diagnosing both a mental health problem and an addiction, such as…

a woman using exercises for stress

Breathing Exercises for Stress

Dealing with everyday stress is a problem we all face, but some manage it better than others. Nevertheless, there are some excellent exercises for stress that will help you cope. Oceanfront Recovery can guide individuals through some general stress management techniques and some breathing exercises to help you deal with stress.Stress ManagementManaging stress is essential…

a young person unaware of drinking and the brain

Underage Drinking and the Brain

Many parents worry about underage drinking, and rightly so. A young adult’s brain is still developing, and alcohol can be more dangerous to a teenager than an adult. The following article will look at drinking and the brain, and the impact underage drinking has on mental health.Drinking and the BrainYoung people who start drinking early…

a woman undergoing holistic therapy options

Five Popular Holistic Therapy Options

Holistic therapy options are increasingly popular these days and for a good reason. For instance, alternative therapies are clinically proven to aid sleep, help control pain, and much more. The following article will examine some of the benefits of holistic therapy and look at five popular options.Alternative TherapyThe principles of holistic therapy options are based…

an older person struggling with elderly alcohol abuse

Help for Elderly Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol addiction or what was once called alcoholism can happen to anyone, young or old, but it can be much more dangerous for the elderly. Elderly alcohol abuse is not uncommon, and it often goes hand in hand with another problem, like depression or anxiety. Understanding some of the dangers of elderly alcoholism and what…

a person struggling with alcohol poisoning

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

When consuming alcohol, it’s essential to understand the signs of alcohol poisoning. For instance, knowing the signs and what to do about them could save someone’s life. Oceanfront Recovery has the experience to help you learn how to recognize the signs of alcohol poisoning and how to find the appropriate support.Signs of Alcohol PoisoningWhether it’s…

a parent and child in addiction and family

Addressing Addiction with Family

Talking about addiction to the family is challenging and can be upsetting. In other words, addiction and family are a difficult combination, but the following article will offer some advice on how to start talking about addiction with loved ones. Contact Oceanfront Recovery today to start learning about ways to address addiction.Addiction and FamilyAny addiction…