a group therapy session at an Opioid Addiction Treatment CenterOver the past 20 years, overdose deaths have increased by an enormous 82% in Orange County. Just this year, we saw over 5000 hospitalizations and 700 deaths. Over half were due to accidental prescription opioid overdose. The OC may be one of the wealthiest counties in the country. But we also have a big drug problem. This makes it difficult for someone struggling with opioid addiction to avoid being around their drug of choice. But getting into an opioid addiction treatment center can help anyone overcome these hurdles and learn the skills they need to manage their addiction.

If you’re struggling with opioid addiction, it’s time to enroll in an intensive outpatient program in Laguna Beach, CA. Our compassionate team of addictions professionals is here to help you get on the path to recovery.

What Is an Addiction Assessment?

The first step in the healing process is an assessment. You’ll receive both a medical and psychological evaluation that will help our physicians determine the best course of treatment for you at our opioid addiction treatment center in Laguna Beach, CA.

For example, you may need to be admitted into a residential treatment program if you need 24/7 supervision, support, and care. Or, if you have strong family support and can somewhat manage your addiction, an intensive outpatient program may work well for you. We also offer an executive rehab program. It’s tailor-made for busy executives who often have corporate obligations that must be factored into a treatment plan.

In any case, we offer a full range of evidence-based therapies and treatments to meet your unique needs. The assessment process helps you and your doctors understand which treatments will best support a lasting recovery through our opioid addiction treatment program.

What Is Opioid Withdrawal Like?`

The process of ridding yourself of opioids is an intense one. Most people will experience opioid withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Extreme Agitation
  • Shaking
  • Sweats
  • Severe cravings

Opiate withdrawal may last hours to days. Oceanfront Recovery offers guests a safe and comfortable place to detox in our drug and alcohol detox center. While here, you’ll have the 24/7 care of addiction specialists. Additionally, our doctors can prescribe medications to ease symptoms.

What to Expect During an Opioid Treatment Program

While in a treatment program at our opioid addiction treatment center, you’ll work with professionals through several types of evidence-based and supplementary therapy programs, such as:

Through therapies like these, you’ll begin to explore your relapse triggers. We’ll examine traumas that you may have experienced as a child or adult that you may not realize are still impacting you today. In treatment, you’ll learn to listen to your emotions and manage them in more effective ways. Additionally, you’ll develop skills to manage cravings and life in general. So when you leave the opioid addiction treatment center, you’re prepared for success.

What Is an Opioid Aftercare Program?

Whether you attend treatment at Oceanfront Recovery or another opioid addiction treatment center in Laguna Beach, CA, aftercare is essential to long-term success. Addiction is a chronic disease. And like all chronic diseases, you need some ongoing treatment to manage the condition well. A rehab aftercare program helps those recovering from addiction, avoid future relapses by learning valuable coping skills.

Oceanfront Recovery offers an active aftercare program. These programs are tailored to match your schedule and needs. So a busy lifestyle never has to be a barrier to getting the ongoing support you need. An aftercare program at Oceanfront Recovery fits naturally and comfortably into your life.

Is addiction to opiates controlling your life? It’s time to take your life back from addiction. Call us at 877.296.7477 to schedule an assessment.