drug and alcohol detoxThe first step towards recovery is often detox for those struggling with a substance use disorder, an addiction to drugs, or alcohol. It is the time in treatment when the drugs or alcohol are flushed out of an individual’s system. It can be a trying time, and for many who attempt to self-detox or go ‘cold turkey,’ it results in relapse. Thus, professional, medically supervised detox is the best option for successful healing.

The detoxification process is made as comfortable as possible at our drug and alcohol detox center. The most care and attention paid to our clients’ physical withdrawal symptoms through the appropriate use of medication and other support systems.

The journey of recovery will begin with a thorough medical evaluation and psychological assessment done by our dedicated and experienced clinical team. Our rehab admissions process and the team will help each client and family decide the appropriate treatment plan based on their specific needs.

Recovery at Our Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

If the client requires medically supervised or sub-acute detoxification, Oceanfront Recovery offers an independent, medically monitored alcohol and drug detox closely supervised by a team of detoxification specialists.

Our physicians have many years of experience managing withdrawal symptoms and utilizing a wide range of safe and effective medications to help manage the physical symptoms.

Most of our clients finish at our drug and alcohol detox center within three to ten days. The rehab program can begin at the Oceanfront Recovery clinical offices and residential treatment program facilities in Laguna Beach, CA. Our goal is the successful long-term recovery for each of our clients. Each phase of the treatment experience at Oceanfront Recovery is designed with this in mind and builds upon the previous phase, arresting the active addiction and positioning clients for long-term success.

The drug and alcohol detox process can be made easy with our compassionate team of care providers and the right medication management. Our goal is to make the detoxification process as easy and as painless as possible while in our care at the Temple Hill house. For many, this is one of the biggest hurdles in recovery – just getting clean and sober, to begin with. The journey of recovery begins with physical sobriety, making this a necessary and crucial first step.

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Written by Our Addiction Psychiatrist

When you begin the detoxification process from substance abuse or alcoholism, your mind and body can feel confused, disconnected and out of your control. Withdrawal symptoms are difficult both physically and mentally — this is a central part of the challenge of overcoming an addiction. But your surroundings can make a real difference in your ability to positively process your experience at a drug and alcohol detox center and start your journey of recovery on the right foot. When we chose and designed our facilities, our mission was to create a space of relief, tranquility, and comfort for those who choose to go through detox with us. Our beautiful Orange County, California location offers us the perfect opportunity to create a safe space for you to start over and begin your substance-free life.

Comfortable Accommodations

Our hilltop drug and alcohol detox center overlooks pristine Laguna Beach and the expansive Pacific Ocean, a view world-renowned for its beauty and serenity. The calming sounds of waves and ocean breezes provide a sense of peace, and the mild Southern California weather means our guests can enjoy the fresh air of our private garden walk and other outdoor spaces year-round. Our mission-inspired home has been recently renovated and includes secluded bedrooms, quiet nooks, and plenty of room to breathe and relax, with six beds available at our Temple Hill location. We provide all the modern amenities you might need to keep yourself healthy during detox, including comfortable beds, excellent food, cleanliness, and privacy. The restful, stress-free environment is ideal for healing your body from addiction.

Our caring staff is prepared to help you with personal concerns like dietary restrictions or specific medical needs. Your health is fragile during detox, so we are always ready to prioritize any needs that may interfere with your detox treatments. We know that this can be an especially difficult time as your body struggles to adjust to the absence of alcohol or drugs, but at Oceanfront Recovery, we aim to ease this difficulty as much as we can. Our drug and alcohol detox center is the gateway to your recovery journey. We believe that making it an easy entrance is the best way to ensure you achieve lifelong sobriety.

Full-Service Care

Our drug and alcohol detox center in Laguna Beach, CA, is available to guests who need varying levels of care. Oceanfront Recovery’s independent medical and sub-acute detox programs are available to those who require medication-assisted detox. For those whose needs are less intensive, the combination of medical supervision and the peace and quiet of our facility can be the best way to ease your body out of the grip of addiction. Our expertly trained and highly qualified staff, both medical and non-medical, are equipped to answer questions and address concerns that may arise during this first step toward a substance-free life.

We are also happy to help you plan the next steps of your recovery — we want you to continue your treatment beyond our detox program because we know that long-term plans are most effective for finding recovery without relapse. If you continue your recovery journey with Oceanfront, our nearby clinical facilities, residential, and sober living homes in Laguna Beach, CA — this ensures a seamless transition from detox to recovery and beyond. When you choose to detox at Oceanfront Recovery, the future of your treatment is truly at your fingertips.

Detox With Oceanfront Recovery

Oceanfront Recovery is licensed substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment center. Our drug and alcohol detox center and other facilities are living spaces where we strive to create a sense of community in our programs. Our guests typically spend between three and ten days in our detox facility, after which we encourage them to move on to long-term clinical addiction treatment. In our own treatment programs, we focus on rebuilding your mental and physical health. Our programs include:

We work to foster healthy habits — our location by the beach and in a mild climate is ideal for outdoor activities that can help you regain your strength, and our treatment programs beyond detox are designed to give you the tools you need to stay sober. Your detox does not need to be painful, dangerous, or unbearable — it can be quick and seamless so that you can successfully move on to long-term addiction treatment and begin the first phase of your substance-free life.

If you or your loved one is ready to commit to detox and addiction treatment, don’t hesitate to contact Oceanfront Recovery to learn more about our services, programs, and drug and alcohol detox center in Laguna Beach, CA. Our staff is available to guide you through your options with compassion and discretion. We aim to provide a detox experience that is as comfortable, quiet, healthy, and positive as possible — detox is a difficult first step to take. Still, it is also a necessary one to begin recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Contact us with any questions about our addiction treatment programs and processes. Call Oceanfront Recovery today at 877.296.7477.