a group therapy talking about benefits of aa

Benefits of AA

Recovering from an addiction is a journey that you cannot undertake on your own. You will need the services of professionals to help you with the recovery process. Recovery does not stop at the alcohol treatment facility. The post-treatment phase, where you rejoin the general population, is still part of the process. That’s why it…

a woman trying to learn how to recognize an anxiety attack

How to Recognize an Anxiety Attack

Experiencing occasional anxiety is normal for human beings. But when this feeling is persistent and often uncontrollable, you may have anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorder is a mental illness that affects close to 40 million people in any given year. The term anxiety disorder refers to several psychiatric disorders that cause extreme worry or fear in…

a woman feeling the effects of lsd during her night out

The Dangerous Effects of LSD

Lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD as it is commonly known as a hallucinogenic drug. Research estimates that 0.3% of adults use LSD for leisure. LSD is not addictive, like other common drugs. It can produce hallucinations and alter the mental state of users. Sometimes it can cause synesthesia and the crossing of senses. For example,…

a pile of drugs showing the dangers of bath salts

Dangers of Bath Salts

What comes to mind when you hear the term bath salts? Bath salts are drugs made up of white or brown powder. People smoke or ingest them to get a feeling of euphoria. However, the popularity of bath salts has waned. In a recent study, only about 1.1% of the population reported using drugs. But,…

a woman concerned about her friend showing signs of pcp use

Signs of PCP Use

Phencyclidine or simply PCP was once a noble drug. Doctors used PCP as an anesthetic when treating their patients. Soon, it was discovered that the drug had questionable side effects. PCP patients began to exhibit patterns of agitation and irrationalism. Thus, PCP was banned. Currently, about 6 million people admit to using PCP at least…

a woman stressing over pencil orders while wondering do I have ocd

Do I Have OCD?

Do you find yourself taking an excessive amount of time performing a task? Perhaps you have to perform it repeatedly before you can move on to another task. Does it distress you if you don’t perform these tasks, leave them incomplete, or aren’t able to do them the requisite number of times you feel it’s…