a man enrolls himself into a residential treatment program for addiction

5 Benefits of Enrolling Into a Residential Treatment Program

In the world of addiction treatment, there are many different programs and methods that people can choose from in order to find the help that they need. Some people opt for an outpatient program, while others choose to enroll in a residential treatment program. There are many benefits to enrolling in a residential treatment program…

a woman has found the right medical detox program for her in laguna beach california

Finding the Right Medical Detox in Laguna Beach, CA

For those who are struggling with addiction, the first step on the road to recovery is detox. Detoxification is the process of removing all traces of drugs and alcohol from the body, and it can be a difficult and uncomfortable experience. That’s why it’s important to find a medical detox center that can provide you…

a man learns the theory of hedonic set point while in addiction treatment

What Is the Hedonic Set Point?

There is no perfect timeline for how substance abuse recovery treatment will work for you. Every single person is an individual, and their respective addictions are just as varied. When you work toward recovery, you begin to understand that substance abuse and dependency rewires your brain in many ways. Unlearning bad habits and forming new…

a diverse group of people play a recovery game in group therapy for addiction treatment

5 Recovery Games for Groups

Group therapy in recovery isn’t always easy. It can be difficult sometimes to break the ice and encourage open discussion within a group, particularly if it’s new. For many, games can help a group overcome that initial awkwardness. When you provide a space where adults in treatment can be themselves and talk freely without judgment,…