a woman receiving Designer Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Designer Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Designer Drug Addiction Treatment CenterA designer drug is a substance that results from experimentation in a lab. Common designer drugs requiring addiction treatment include MDMA, bath salts, ecstasy, and MDPV. Designer drugs have been modified from their more traditional properties. They can have similar properties to drugs, including meth or heroin, but have been modified…

man sitting on street with adult depression

Can Early Childhood Depression Be a Marker for Adult Depression?

Children as young as ages 3 or 4 can struggle with symptoms of depression. Although it is not clinically diagnosed, it is seen in the symptoms they exhibit. Genetics plays a role, along with the environment. Poverty and deprivation are some of the causal factors of depression for children over time. Find out how this…

man eating at new cafe making sure to eat the three foods that may help improve mental health

These 3 Foods May Help Improve Mental Health

Eating healthy is not just something people do as a wellness trend. It may seem that way, but healthy food and habits around the consumption of food and beverages do more than fuel the body. It actually improves the mind. Some simple changes can boost cognitive function and may reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and…

man celebrating recovery with social circle detox group

How Will Social Circle Detox May Set Your Recovery on the Right Path?

Social circles change when people are in recovery. There is a new opportunity to move forward and find new people and friends. One of the biggest hurdles when making a change is surrounding yourself with people who are positive influences. Not all social circles are positive. Toxic friendships and relationships can drag down recovery. Find…

therapist discussing nasal spray addiction with man

The Reality of Nasal Spray Addiction is Not What People Thinks

One addiction people may not consider is nasal spray. It is something people use quite often to spray their noses for congestion and enable them to breathe easier. It is only supposed to be used for up to three days. Any longer than that, it may cause rebound congestion. It means congestion caused by medication…

man emotional during talk therapy to support recovery

How Talk Therapy Works to Support Recovery

Psychiatrists evaluate people with diagnoses to support a treatment plan for recovery. They may need to carefully monitor their detox and rehab journey to ensure there are no contradictions with other medications and the side effects are tolerable. Talk therapy can happen with a psychiatrist or a psychologist, individually, or in a group setting. Just…