doctor working with man with asperger's who was self-medicating

Do People with Asperger’s Self-Medicate?

People who struggle with Asperger’s have another challenge on top of addiction to face in recovery. Their biggest challenge is relating to others and taking in their opinions for consideration. It can be quite difficult to interact with and relate well to others, which can lead to social dysfunction and a sense of isolation. This…

older man sleeping soundly in bed to heal during recovery

What Role Does Sleep Play in Healing?

Sleep is the one area many people think they can skimp on but has the biggest impact on their overall health. Sleep is not just for people who want to feel more rested. It is a necessary component, some argue, of making sure the brain and body function properly. Restoration Sleep is one way the…

man hiking with his dog to build his life around recovery

How to Build Your Life Around Recovery

People who have addictions can take some basic building blocks in treatment and restart their lives on the other side. Lifestyle changes are one way to move forward in a positive way. It helps to focus on what will bring positive energy to your life and recovery. When you build your life with positive people…

man self reflecting during on-on-one therapy

Why is Self Reflection Important in Recovery?

The whole idea of self reflection in recovery is focused on the idea that when we reflect on our lives with addiction at the fore, we see things differently. From this lens in recovery, we start to see where things went wrong, how our mindset shaped certain behaviors, and why we got ourselves into trouble…

father and adult son fist bumping in a healthy relationship

Why Family Boundaries Matter to Staying Healthy

Addiction can take hold of people and make them different than loved ones remember. Families are impacted by the addiction more than others because they spend the most time with the person. More often than not, a person with addiction can create negative influence and harm people’s lives due to addiction. Boundaries are one way…

young man searching for dual diagnosis treatment for ADHD and addiction

How Do I Get Dual Diagnosis Treatment for ADHD and Addiction?

When people seek treatment for addiction, they likely are going to need mental health assessment to see if anything else shows up needing support. Many adults do not realize they have mental health issues, including ADHD and will go undiagnosed, along with addiction, for years. The negative impact can take time away from their families,…

man making his bed as part of a recovery routine

Why Making Your Bed Can Change Your Recovery Routine

Getting a full night’s sleep should be on everyone’s docket to achieve every single time they lay their head down. That is not the case for many whose schedule does not allow for it and for whom the full night’s rest is simply impossible due to many reasons. However you may look at it, there…

man addicted to caffeine drinking coffee for breakfast

Is Caffeine Addiction Really That Serious?

Millions of people flock to coffee houses in the morning to grab a cup of joe, or coffee, or something flavored with coffee sprinkled in it. To be exact, there is one place in particular many people go several times a week for an expensive cup of coffee or similar drink with lots of sugar.…

man committed to recovery practicing yoga

Stay Committed to Personal Change in Recovery with These Tips

Personal change can be a journey of discovery. What it takes to sustain it for the long haul is another story. Without first deciding to make change, nothing will happen. Following that is implementing the change necessary. If you really want to change, you must first know what you want and where you are going.…