man geeking at beach losing time while the sun sets

What is Geeking?

Geeking is a term used by drug users to describe binge crack use – or using crack cocaine over and over in a short period of time at increasingly higher doses. Once a person is addicted, they will do anything to get the drug, including stealing or even prostitution. Binging crack can lead to addiction…

man sleeping worry-free as he decreased opiate cravings at Oceanfront Recovery

Find a Simple Way to Decrease Those Opiate Cravings

Getting enough sleep is usually posited as the remedy for what ails most people in recovery but it is truly a great way to support overall health. Too little sleep has been associated in studies with many health challenges both short and long-term. Find out what the connection between sleep and recovery is and how…

smiling man after treatment from drug toxicity at Oceanfront Recovery

What is Drug Toxicity and How is it Treated?

Drug toxicity refers to how poisonous or harmful a substance may be. This happens when a person has too much of a drug in their bloodstream, leading to adverse effects on the body. It may occur when too high a dose is given or the liver and kidneys can remove the drug from the bloodstream.…

man discussing switching depression medication safely with patient

How to Switch Depression Medication Safely

Prescription antidepressants are no small thing to mess with. It is not easy to just stop taking it because it may have unknown side effects. Sometimes people experience dependence or addiction without realizing it happened. Find out a way to switch depression medication safely.Proper Protocol Stopping medication too abruptly can cause a person to suffer…

muscle man on anabolic steroids lifting weights

What Are the Basic Facts About Anabolic Steroids?

Anabolic steroids are still out there and they are devastating lives. These synthetic derivatives of testosterone can promote growth of skeletal muscle and increase lean body mass. They are produced for legal prescriptions but most people are using them illegally and may become addicted. Learn more about anabolic steroids and how they are impacting people’s…

man asking for help navigating triggers during group therapy

These 5 Tips Can Help You Navigate Triggers

Triggers are not just things that make you want to drink or use. Triggers can send you into a panic attack that may be paralyzing. They do not have to be dramatic. In fact, triggers may just be one of the quiet, mundane things you would not expect like grocery shopping or listening to the…

doctor checking on man in hospital bed with bowel problems from substance abuse

What is the Deal with Bowel Problems and Substance Abuse?

Bowel health is a stigmatized health concern for many people. Bowel problems can cause embarrassment but also may signal serious health issues. With addiction, bowel issues may impact a person’s chances of recovery. Concurrent conditions, including those a person may not be aware of, are also important to know about. Self-medicating can make things worse,…

businessman smiling away from colleagues

It’s Time to Face the Dangers of Workplace Addiction

Many employees may be impaired on the job without a supervisor or boss knowing. Having a substance abuse problem can lead to challenges for the company, other employees, and also be dangerous for the person and others at the job site. Learn more about what dangers lurk in the workplace when people struggle with addiction.…

man talking through emotional regulation use on his anxiety to therapist

How is Emotional Regulation Used to Help People with Anxiety?

Emotion regulation therapy (ERT) is a type of therapy that has been successful in testing in adults with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and those with co-occurring GAD and major depressive disorder (MDD). ERT combines components of cognitive, acceptance, and mindfulness-based practices. Research shows reduced GAD and MDD symptoms by the end of treatment.What is ERT…

people practicing ancient Qigong to help their sobriety

The Ancient Practice of Qigong May Help Your Sobriety

When people get away from addiction, they suddenly seem to have more free time. In order to build recovery that sticks, it is important to find useful ways of filling up time. A good activity like Qigong may help build spiritual development as well as a long lasting recovery.What is Qigong Qigong is an ancient…