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How Long Does it Take for Addiction to Occur?

Addiction differs for every person, regardless of how long they used drugs or what type. Each person who becomes addicted has a unique story to tell. Once addiction takes hold, your life is changed forever and it will never be the same. For addiction to occur, it takes a period of time but it may…

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Bust These Signs of Stress for Good When They Get You Down

 Tension can be a difficult thing to address in recovery. It pops up unexpectedly and may linger for a while, depending on what is going on. The hidden signs of stress left unaddressed, can become triggers to use substances or some other means of coping. Even for people who have been in recovery awhile, stress…

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Why is Growth in Recovery So Challenging?

Attitudes toward growth in sobriety shift for people over time. Early on, they are seeking opportunities to grow at a rapid pace, constantly evolving into who they want to become. Eventually, this starts to slow down and they process who they are now and begin to see things differently. What was once a burden is…

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How Do People Regain Trust in Marriage After Rehab? 

Addiction does not just take a toll on the person who experiences the damages. Everyone around them experiences the effects of it, including the lying, stealing, and often cheating that go along with addiction. Figuring out how to rebuild trust within marriage for partners can be difficult once it has been broken. It takes time…

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 If You Want to Dive Deeper Into Your Spirituality, These 4 Tips May Help

Recovery programs are based on many different things, including psychological principles of working through trauma to address addiction. Eventually, people start learning about possible triggers, emotions, and processing through difficult circumstances to recover and stay sober. To leave out any spirituality can leave out a huge component of recovery. Any way a person identifies with…

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What is the Nature of Crack Cocaine Addiction? 

Crack cocaine is a drug that can be made into little rocks with a bit of heat and some baking soda. The drug may be vaporized or used with foil. Some people inject crack, also, into their veins to give themselves a faster rush from the drug’s effects. However a person uses crack cocaine, it…

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 Yes, You Can Trust People in Sobriety (Just Choose Wisely)

Sobriety brings with it many challenges you may not think about. When you were addicted to drugs or alcohol or had a loved one who struggled, perhaps you didn’t consider whether people were trustworthy or not. The biggest thing in sobriety you have to learn is learning to trust yourself so that you can trust…

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 How Do People Become Addicted to Pills? 

Pill addiction is becoming more common with people who are using painkillers and opioids to numb their pain. Average, everyday citizens, including teenagers, are becoming addicted to pills. People with drug addiction are not who everyone thinks they are and it can happen to anyone. Neighbors, friends, and colleagues are struggling with addiction. Find out…