men at gym doing a work out in recovery

Why Should I Work Out in Recovery?

Addiction recovery is not easy for people who experience it, nor is it easy for family members and loved ones watching them go through the challenges. One of the ways to keep the mind and body on track in recovery is to work out and exercise. In many ways, fitness can help maximize health benefits.…

therapist discussing habits that may transform man's recovery journey

Why These Habits May Transform Your Recovery Journey

The journey of recovery is a long, winding road. It has ups, downs, twists, and turns. It has all the drama of a Hollywood movie and none of the glamour. The challenge for people in recovery is that it looks a lot like everyday life, just packaged in lots of things like emotional, physical, and…

man drinking water during jog on the pier to keep his body hydrated

Why Should I Keep My Body Hydrated?

Water is important for the body as it is largely made up of water already. Other drinks like caffeine can dry out your body and cause you to feel dehydrated. The body needs more water in detox, withdrawal, and recovery so you can function at a more optimal level. Learn more about why you should…

man taking picture of island for holistic therapeutic photography

Therapeutic Photography Can Be a Holistic Practice of Healing

Therapeutic photography is taking off in the healing arts community. People are using it for personal healing, exploring their journeys in recovery, and finding other people who share similar experiences with mental health and addiction that want to find an avenue of expression through photography. There are many benefits to exploring this medium, it just…

man foam rolling to help his body heal

Can Foam Rolling Help My Body Heal?

When you work out, your body gets tight in the muscles. As you warm-up and cool down, it is important to stretch those muscles and work out lactic acid build-up. The key to doing this is by foam rolling. It is also called myofascial release because you are releasing fascia tissue in the muscles. This…

man shaking hands with therapist after successful session and learning about CBD oil in recovery

Should I Avoid CBD Oil in Recovery?

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is all the rage right now. It is becoming more widely accepted in practice throughout the country and used as a substitute in many things, for various ailments. There are some studies that look at the benefits of CBD oil and its effectiveness for various things but questions remain about how…

man getting help from therapist for Vyvanse addiction at Oceanfront Recovery

How to Get Help for Vyvanse Addiction

Vyvanse is a stimulant drug prescribed to help people with ADHD. A stimulant, the drug can reduce impulsivity and increase attention span for people who struggle with these symptoms and may reduce binge eating. Some people struggle with addiction to this drug because it is a stimulant and makes people feel better, but it can…

doctor handing off prescription for opioid medication

How Do I Tell Opioid Medications Apart and Know the Signs of Addiction?

Oxycodone and Percocet are drugs that often get confused, but are very different. Both are opioid medications which support a person in pain. They are both powerful drugs which have become synonymous with the opioid epidemic. Any drug containing oxycodone, including Percocet, has potential for abuse. They are highly addictive. Find out more about these…