halfway house

What Is A Halfway House?

A halfway house, also known as a sober living home, is a type of group home that helps people with addictions work through the process of reintegrating back into society. An effective halfway house serves as a transitional point between drug and alcohol treatment and healthy, productive life. Halfway houses are often private, for-profit entities.…

group therapy activities

Substance Abuse Group Therapy Activities

There are numerous therapies designed to help people recover from substance use disorder (an addiction to drugs or alcohol). In the right substance abuse treatment program, individuals will find themselves engaged in a combination of one-on-one therapy and group sessions. Group therapy typically consists of having a professional therapist offering treatment to two or more…

physical dependence

Getting Help for Physical Dependence

Marijuana legalization and decriminalization have been at the forefront of the United States’ mind for some time now, as several states have changed their policies surrounding the substance. This requires us to adjust our understanding of marijuana. Many people have favored rulings like this, but you shouldn’t think of marijuana as a non-addictive substance. Although…