a mother and sun wondering is alcoholism genetic

Is Alcoholism Genetic?

Genetics plays an essential role in influencing a person’s behavior and physical appearance. One of the traits that children inherit from their parents is the tendency to abuse alcohol. Moreover, being relatives with an alcoholic increases the chances of developing an addiction. Learning more about alcoholism from Oceanfront Recovery can help answer the question, “Is…

two people drinking a beer not thinking of alcoholism in young adults

Recognizing Alcoholism in Young Adults

Alcohol is one of the most abused drugs among young adults due to its acceptance in most societies. In most instances, people take this drug for recreational purposes in social gatherings. However, prolonged usage of this drug can lead to physical dependence, whereby one cannot control their consumption. Recognizing alcoholism in young adults can be…

a doctor explaining the steps of narcotics anonymous

12 Steps of Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a program created in 1953 to provide a safe space for anonymous addiction recovery. At the time of the founding, the body aimed at focusing on drug users addicted to narcotics. However, the program expanded, and it now focuses on recovery from forms of drug addiction through the 12 steps of…

a woman trying to figure out how to deal with seasonal depression

How to Deal With Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression is a mood disorder that causes a person to feel depressed during specific seasons of the year. This condition may influence your mood, energy levels, appetite, and sleep. Seasonal depression mainly affects people during winter, but in rare cases, one may experience it during summer. Learning how to deal with seasonal depression at…

a woman looking out the window for motivation in recovery

Maintaining Motivation in Recovery

During the early stages of recovery, most people are highly motivated to stay sober. However, maintaining sobriety is a psychologically and physically demanding endeavor. Sustaining your motivation is key to staying committed to your recovery. However, as time passes, your motivation levels could quickly decrease, ultimately increasing the chances of relapse. This post offers you…

a woman making a smoothie for her friend as part of nutrition and addiction recovery

Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

Drug abuse often leads to nutritional deficiencies, which take a toll on the body. Drug users have minimal levels of minerals, vitamins, fats, and essential amino acids. These depleted levels negatively affect not only their physical health but their psychology as well. Combining nutrition and addiction recovery is crucial as you improve your general well-being…

a woman suffering from the dangers of lsd

Understanding the Dangers of LSD

Different drugs have varying effects on the body when abused. These effects vary further depending on the person taking the drug, often determined by their general health and body size. The impacts of drug abuse are either psychological or physical, making you either feel or act differently. One popularly abused hallucinogen is LSD. However, most…