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Nutrition is an Important Healer: Here’s Why

Nutrition is an important part of recovery for people with addiction and mental health issues. Many people who suffer from addictions and mental health issues suffer from poor nutritional habits, which can further complicate their mental health and physical states. The negative impacts outweigh the positive side of learning how to eat better for overall…

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How Can a Person Get More Sleep in Early Recovery?

Most people experience sleep issues in early recovery, leaving them cranky, unable to function, and reaching for the wrong types of foods for a boost. Lack of sleep can also put recovery at risk. Learning how to get more sleep in recovery is important for healing and growth.Why Sleep Matters Insomnia is more common in…

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What Does Detox Feel Like?

Rehab is intense. Leaving a routine is hard, even if just for a few months to get straight again. Addressing complex and difficult issues related to addiction make it hard to focus and heal unless the person is ready in mind, body, and spirit. Detox can be the hardest part of the process but once…

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How to Know if Drinking Has Become Problematic

Chances are if you have to ask whether or not you have a drinking problem, you likely have a problem. If you continue drinking in spite of negative consequences, that may be an indication of a serious problem. Most people who experience drinking problems try to quit (and succeed) at some point. It may be…

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Can Codependent Behaviors Derail Recovery?

Codependency is a term used when people struggle with substance use and seek the approval of others to find self-worth, validation, protection, and identity. Codependency develops before a person even realizes it has happened. This may negatively impact recovery by not making a priority of taking care of themselves. Learn how codependent behaviors can derail…

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Caffeine Can Have These Effects on the Body (Not All Are Good)

Caffeine is a commonly used drug. People don’t even think about how much they drink. Because caffeine is present in so many common food and beverages, people forget it is actually a drug. Physical and even emotional health can be impacted by caffeine. Stimulant drugs work by provoking the nervous system into fight or flight…

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How to Beat Chronic Pain with Mindfulness (Instead of Painkillers)

Chronic pain impacts about one-third of Americans, and many take prescription opioid medications. Using drugs can cause addiction or lead to an overdose. A new way to reduce pain and lower the incidence of painkiller abuse in people with chronic pain. Mindfulness therapy trains people to alter their response to pain, stress, and drug-related cues.…

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Why Does Withdrawal Make People Feel Sick?

The impact of drugs on the body is not in dispute. Whenever a person uses drugs, it changes their body and brain while also impacting their entire life, in some cases. For people who use them regularly and become addicted, their body becomes used to it and needs it to function. Quitting drugs at this…