Man sits on bed looking out the window, thinking about signs of prescription drug addiction

3 Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

Drug addiction caused by prescription drugs is prevalent in American society, with multiple factors contributing to this problem. Despite the high number of addiction cases, the topic is not widely discussed and has some secrecy surrounding it. Unlike other aspects of healthcare, the world of addiction treatment is vague to most people. The signs of…

Woman comforts friend by touching her shoulder as they discuss how to help someone with opiate addiction

How to Help Someone With Opiate Addiction

Opioid addiction has various impacts on a person’s life. From finances, health, and relationships to work and career, these effects are far-reaching. Opioids are one of the most common types of substance abuse today. An addiction to opioids can involve substances from prescription painkillers to heroin to fentanyl. Any kind of addiction is serious and…

Person holds hands with loved one on table as they discuss how to beat marijuana addiction

How to Help Your Loved One Beat Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana use has grown increasingly accepted in American culture. Both socially and legally, there has been a shift towards accepting recreational marijuana use, evidenced by the legalization of it in many states. Regardless of someone’s political inclinations, something that is often left out of discussions about marijuana is the concept of addiction. It’s often missing…

Woman smiles while talking to peers in OCD treatment

What Is OCD Treatment?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD for short, is a type of mental health disorder characterized by obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are invasive thought patterns. The compulsions are the behaviors a person engages in to alleviate the distress they feel due to the obsessions. It’s an unfortunately common joke in society that people who are particular, detail-oriented,…

Man puts head in hands as he talks to therapist in DBT therapy

What Does DBT Stand For in Therapy?

DBT is a common acronym in the mental health and substance misuse treatment world. What does DBT stand for? The abbreviation means dialectical behavior therapy, which focuses on how individuals interact with their environment and others. Dialectical behavior therapy is a cognitive-behavioral treatment approach that combines traditional talk therapy techniques with mindfulness and acceptance strategies.…

Man in need of OCD treatment lines up kernels of corn

How Is OCD Treated?

When obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is untreated, symptoms can worsen and interfere with normal functioning. The condition is defined by a cycle of obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are unwanted thoughts or images that trigger negative feelings. Compulsions are behaviors that people engage in to alleviate the negative feelings they get from their obsessions. People who have…

Man sits on chair and ponders quitting his cocaine addiction

3 Ways to Quit Cocaine Addiction & Get Help

Cocaine is an addictive, illegal stimulant that produces a feeling of euphoria. It is addictive and destructive. Cocaine addiction involves many physical and psychological ailments and is challenging to overcome. Nonetheless, by getting cocaine addiction help, anyone can recover and rediscover a sober, productive life. Learn more about cocaine addiction treatment in California by calling…