someone packs approved essentials prior to going to a halfway house

What Can You Bring to a Halfway House?

The transition from in-patient recovery to everyday life can be difficult for a lot of people. When you return sober to an environment where your addiction was formed or fostered, it’s much easier to relapse. Thankfully, substance abuse aftercare specialists can help you develop positive habits and adequately prepare for “real life.” A sober living…

a diverse group of people play a recovery game in group therapy for addiction treatment

5 Recovery Games for Groups

Group therapy in recovery isn’t always easy. It can be difficult sometimes to break the ice and encourage open discussion within a group, particularly if it’s new. For many, games can help a group overcome that initial awkwardness. When you provide a space where adults in treatment can be themselves and talk freely without judgment,…

an unflatteringly close up view of a woman using nose spray

Can You Get Addicted to Nose Spray?

Addiction looks different in every person, and it can come in many different types and with many different effects. It’s easy to imagine heroin and cocaine when you picture drug addiction, but you’d only be thinking of a fraction of the various forms of substance abuse. Different roads can lead to the same place;  sometimes,…

Alcohol gut inflammation symptoms

What Is Alcohol Gastritis?

Many people drink alcohol at a wide variety of levels. Some may only have one or two drinks, and some may only drink on special occasions. Others still will develop unhealthy drinking habits. The biggest trouble with those habits is that they often lead to alcohol dependency or addiction. Alcohol addiction can have many ill…