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Watch Out for These 5 Crossover Addictions

Active addiction and personalities with addictive tendencies go hand-in-hand. The urge to substitute one addiction for another can happen naturally, especially during early recovery. Learn more about how it happens and what to look out for when noticing changes of behavior.Swapping Out Many people who have stopped drinking or using drugs turn to other things…

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What Are the Effects of Marijuana on the Body?

Marijuana is made from shredded and dried up parts of the cannabis plant, including flowers, seeds, leaves, and stems. While many people smoke or vape it, it can also be consumed as an edible. Different methods of taking the drug may impact the body differently. When it is inhaled, the drug is released into the…

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These 6 Fermented Foods May Boost Digestion

Kefir is made by adding kefir grains, made up of yeast and bacteria, to milk. This results in a thick and tangy beverage with a taste often compared to yogurt. Kefir has been shown to improve the digestion of lactose in 15 people with lactose intolerance. Those who are lactose intolerant cannot digest sugars in…

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What is the Impact of Meth on a Person’s Body?

Meth impacts a person’s body and mind. Someone who uses meth is going to experience some challenging effects during use and during withdrawal phases of use. Learn more about the impact of meth on a person’s mind and body, including overall health.Skin The skin gets greatly impacted by meth use. Low blood flow, destroyed blood…

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Try These 5 Ways to Boost Motivation When Depressed

When a person with depression is told to get motivated, it is like telling someone to get past a very difficult thing in their life by snapping their fingers. It is not that people with depression cannot get motivated or don’t want to get well. They simply cannot function and struggle to get moving. There…

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What to Understand About Intermittent Fasting in Recovery

The new buzz in the health and fitness world is undoubtedly intermittent fasting. Those seeking a lean, powerful physique may feel less motivated to keep trying time and again at losing weight. When falling short of those goals, it is difficult to keep doing the yoyo weight loss and gain. There are things to understand…

What is the Role of PTSD in Addiction and Treatment

What is the Role of PTSD in Addiction and Treatment?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health disorder caused by witnessing a traumatic event or experiencing it first hand. Those who experience PTSD may end up using self-medicating techniques like drugs or alcohol to reduce anxiety and stress. Most people who have suffered through events like this eventually overcome anxiety, depression, and agitation. When…

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The Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Depression May Surprise You

Vitamin D deficiency can be linked to many health problems, including lower back pain, heart trouble, and depression. Linking vitamin D deficiency and depression makes intuitive sense. It is produced in the body when skin is exposed to light. During winter, many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) due to lack of exposure to…

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How Can People Deal with Negative Friends and Family in Recovery?

A difficult area of life for people who walk away from addiction can be interpersonal relationships. Often people find their discomfort around people drives them into substance use. When people are sober they need to learn how to deal with humans without crutches of substances. This can be difficult in the beginning and lead to…

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Self-Compassion Can Create a Better Recovery

Personal development is all the rage right now. Culture often celebrates those who are self-confident but new research suggests self-compassion might be better than that in an approach to success and personal development. Self-confidence makes you feel better about yourself, while self-compassion encourages you to acknowledge flaws and limitations. Learn more about self-compassion and why…