Patient Testimonials

“I believe that ocean front totally changed the direction of my life in a positive way. In short, I give this facility/program my highest reccomendation as they are equipped with skilled specialists, empathetic staff, and houses in the most beautiful and healing location (Laguna beach CA).

My time at Ocean Front Recovery started with me being strung out and exhausted in the intake room with the head nurse, Sherry. Her and the other staff treated me with such empathy as they performed my intake. I have a lot of meds (more than any other client, I was told) and all the staff were extremely patient with me. They led me to a room that looked like a 5 star hotel with thick white bedding on full sized beds.

I have specific dietary restrictions due to crohns disease and I was able to call the caterer and get a specific diet sent to the house. This was such a life saver not having to be burdened with cooking or worrying about if I would ingest an allergen or trigger food.

Even if you were able to get these things at another detox, ocean front also has:

-an amazing ocean view at both their detox house and the residential house. Seeing the ocean every morning and every sunset and seeing Catalina fotrom the house was healing. You also do yoga class with a great instructor with this view
-sometimes cats around the neighborhood will visit 😺
-Certain staff went above and beyond to talk to me when I was really going through it
-Great outings: they hire an independent contractor (Nate) and he does things like paddle boarding, surfing, pickle ball, hikes, or in inclement weather bowling or visiting the Buddhist temple in Santiago Canyon.
-If you happen to have any issue with another client, you can bring it up discreetly to staff and it will get handled. With any small things I practiced communicating with the client directly but I knew I had a person to go to that would be fair if it escalated
-At this time it is Co Ed and there are only male therapists but this very well could have changed. Ernesto is a great choice as a therapist regardless of gender

Special shout out to Cody, the Case Manager. Very kind, patient, personable, fair, and understanding. I had some good talks with him that helped me immensely.

They take you to meetings Tues-Sat and clients vote democratically on morning meetings or evening. You can also ask staff to go on walks to top of the world, target, downtown LB, beach, etc and they’ll usually take you if logistics allow.

Finances: I had a $200 copay and was not asked to pay anything more after I left

Ocean front allows phones. This is useful if you need to stay in constant contact with a family member or etc. If you need a break from your phone and can’t control yourself (like me) I highly recommend asking staff to store it away in a locker for you. It will be waiting for you when you’re ready to return to it.

All in all I highly recommend this detox.”

Austin Allen

“So I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everything you guys have done for me, I am truly grateful for the love & kindness that I’ve gotten since I have been here. I appreciate every single one of y’all. Oceanfront has become my family and I will never forget the amazing journey I went through here.”

Alumni HH

“From my personal experience of being here at Ocean Front Recovery. The staff and techs are very knowledgeable about addiction as well as helping you live life on life’s terms. These people here have helped me get my Ged, as well as my business and associates degree. I am astounded at how their energy is of nothing more than positive vibes every day. This place makes you feel welcome and allows you to be you. Thank you, guys, so much for the help, love and support you all are amazing!”

Michael J.

“Ocean front was awesome great experience loved the brotherhood feeling that was there staff was very helpful and above everything GROUPS AND MEETINGS WERE AMAZING AND VERY HELPFUL TO MY ROAD OF RECOVERY!! NOT TO MENTION VERY BEAUTIFUL HOMES.”

Jace M.

“Oceanfront has you really changed my life they have installed strengthen me they pulled out a lot of my weaknesses and they allow me the opportunity to grow and my life that therapist and the staff were very professional and they understood my situations I just really grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of this recovery this has really changed my life I thank them I thank them and I’m forever indebted to them thank you and may God bless here.”

Edward M.

“Oceanfront showed me that I can live a life Sober. The main thing that I loved was the staff, they didn’t act as if they were better, but acted like family, and actually cared about how to cater to what needs to be handled and situations in our life that have never been talked about. The therapist and counselors were able to help me accomplish goals of mine that I wasn’t able to do on my own. With out the help and guidance from ALL the staff I don’t think I’d have a great and serene life today.”

Carlos R.

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