man happy about setting new goals for this year

What Are Ways to Master Recovery from Mental Health and Addiction?

Recovery from mental health and addiction is almost a misnomer. The reality is people are not able to fully recover from addiction, they simply live with the reality that they can no longer use drugs or drink. Mastery over both addiction and mental health issues means recognizing the challenges of coping with triggers, cravings, and…

person bent over from dealing with inner critic

Curb Your Inner Critic with These 3 Helpful Hints

Everybody has a critic deep inside them. It just comes out more for some than others. It can take away the joy and anticipation of feeling like you are doing great work in your recovery when you feel like a still-small-voice in your head will not stop saying negative things. A critical inner voice can…

woman discussing some tips to stop procrastinating with senior man

What Are Some Tips to Stop Procrastination in its Tracks?

If you procrastinate, you likely have a difficult time staying on task and getting things done. Maybe you postpone, delay, and even put things off so long you cannot possibly finish it in time. This may be affecting your work, home, family, friendships, and other areas of your life causing more stress and anxiety than…

man praying to a higher purpose

How Do You Uncover a Higher Purpose?

Looking for a higher purpose is almost antithetical to the goal of a higher purpose. It is like looking for something to come find you when it has already been there all along for you to discover. Most of us walk around not understanding or knowing we have more to live for than what we…

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What Does it Mean to Accept Yourself As You Are?

It can feel really hard to accept ourselves as we are when we think or feel we have done so many things wrong when we were addicted to drugs or alcohol. Recovery is not about bashing ourselves over perceived wrongs. It is more about accepting our lives as they are now, in the present. Even…

men at gym doing a work out in recovery

Why Should I Work Out in Recovery?

Addiction recovery is not easy for people who experience it, nor is it easy for family members and loved ones watching them go through the challenges. One of the ways to keep the mind and body on track in recovery is to work out and exercise. In many ways, fitness can help maximize health benefits.…