Client sits on couch and holds hands together while talking to therapist during psychotherapy in CAPsychotherapy is a word most people are familiar with. Yet even those familiar with the term would probably struggle with a comprehensive psychotherapy definition. What is psychotherapy? For starters, it is commonly referred to as talk therapy. In a nutshell, psychotherapy is the process of helping people work through mental disorders and their attendant issues through verbal discussion and psychological techniques. Many different techniques and approaches fall under the psychotherapy umbrella.Find high-quality mental health treatment in CA by contacting Oceanfront Recovery at 877.296.7477. Our psychotherapy in CA is designed to help our clients take control of their mental health and lead brighter, healthier lives.

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is an umbrella term for the means of treating mental health disorders by talking and through the application of different therapeutic techniques. When someone engages in a series of psychotherapy sessions, they receive targeted support in tackling one or more problems that hold them back from a high quality of life.

Psychotherapy can be applied in different ways. No matter the exact implementation, it almost always involves building a therapeutic relationship between therapist and client, creating an active dialogue, and tackling a key problem area of thought or behavior.

Common Psychotherapy Structures

Psychotherapy can be delivered in more than one format. Perhaps the most common format is one-on-one through individual therapy. Couples therapy, family therapy, and group therapy are also common structures for the implementation of psychotherapy.

Couples Therapy

This therapy is distinct from marriage counseling, just like therapy is separate from counseling. Both are important and can be helpful. Couples therapy focuses on helping a couple improve their relationship by working through dysfunctional areas.

Family Therapy

Family therapy works at improving family dynamics. Not everyone in a family needs to be involved in producing benefits. Yet the family therapy environment is a great way to work through issues affecting each family member. It is also an excellent opportunity to establish healthy boundaries and open lines of communication.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is any time multiple participants engage in psychotherapy together. It differs from family therapy because group therapy is a mixture of participants who enter their therapeutic journey as strangers. Or at least they do not enter it to work through an interpersonal issue together. Instead, group therapy participants work on themselves as individuals but do so in a social setting amid group activities.

What Does Psychotherapy in California Treat?

Oceanfront Recovery offers a range of psychotherapy options to each client. These range from cognitive behavioral therapy to humanistic therapy. Psychotherapy can be widely applied in the treatment of:

  • Substance use disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Such treatment can also be helpful for people who need help coping with grief, loss of a loved one, chronic pain, divorce or serious breakup, or prolonged stress. Psychotherapy in California at Oceanfront Recovery focuses on helping people overcome challenges, learn coping mechanisms, and live healthy lives.

Benefits of Psychotherapy Treatment

The benefits of psychotherapy are numerous. People who receive timely and ongoing psychotherapy often experience improvement in their mental health, improved relationships, healthy coping skills for life’s challenges, and the ability to manage emotions more effectively. At Oceanfront Recovery, we strive to provide our clients with lasting results by helping them develop a plan tailored to their individual needs.

Psychotherapy can have transformative effects on a person’s condition or life outlook. To make the most of psychotherapy, clients should show up for sessions prepared to share their thoughts and feelings. Being open and honest is essential for producing positive results from psychotherapy.

Get the Most Out of Psychotherapy in California at Oceanfront Recovery

Contact Oceanfront Recovery today at 877.296.7477 or by filling out our online form to learn more about our psychotherapy options. We are here to help you gain clarity and control over your mental health. A healthier future is possible.