man laughing after crossing off bucket list item on phone during recovery

Why Should I Give a Bucket List a Try in Recovery?

A bucket list is a bit of an ambiguous thing. It means different things for different people. Some will call them goals, some call them successes, and others call them a bucket list based on what they want to do before they die. In sobriety, it can help to look at your life and think,…

man helping toddler eat healthy food

Healing Your Body Inside Out with Food

People who abuse drugs tend to lose sight of self-care. The only thing that matters is taking the drugs after a while. Nutrition for people with addiction is not yet the norm in most treatment programs, due to their short duration. Most people in recovery don’t link nutrition with health. The key is to unlearn…

man straining with how to know if he's having hallucinations

How Do I Know if I’m Having Hallucinations?

Hallucinations are no laughing matter. They are a challenge for people who struggle with them. They involve seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, or experiencing something sensory that is not there. There is no physical reason why people experience them. Most of them have to do with the brain and how it is processing the environment. Learn…

prescription pill bottle with new medication that can help treatment from addiction

New Medications Can Help Your Treatment from Addiction

There are many ways to cope with addiction. One treatment method is gaining in popularity. Researchers continue to make advances in addiction medications. Some treatment philosophies insist on recovering from addiction with no medication use at all. The ability to use medication can help people cope and give them hope as they struggle with the…

man slumped in front of laptop stressed

What Are the Main Causes of Stress?

People universally do not like stress. Their bodies do not like stress, even if it is a normal part of life. Over time, society has moved toward a space where it is expected we deal with huge amounts of stress every day, which is causing our bodies and brains to react in a fight-or-flight response,…

folders full of medical records that are important to addiction recovery

Medical Records Are Important to Addiction Recovery

Paperwork is essential in addiction recovery. It helps trace your journey and let people know about your experiences so providers can best support your recovery. People who work in the industry love to help others but they have to maintain good records for the people they help. This will help you in your recovery if…

doctor discussing the risks of snorting drugs with rehab client

What Are the Risks of Snorting Drugs?

People use drugs in all sorts of ways. Some might abuse prescription pills by taking too many, some inject drugs, and others resort to snorting for the high it provides. Snorting drugs is a means to get more into the system more quickly. It enters the bloodstream through the nose and can be absorbed quickly.…

intoxicated man sitting on steps with head down

What Does it Mean to Be Intoxicated?

Intoxication is a common term that is used to describe the state someone is in, after consuming large amounts of alcohol, or other addictive substances. The point at which intoxication occurs, which is when the alcohol produces mental or physical impairments in the person, and they display symptoms like slurred speech, difficulty in walking, or…

man looking at map during hike

The Journey of Recovery Means Arriving Every Day

The struggle of addiction recovery may seem like the rod going to nowhere. What people with addiction need to realize is that it is a road that winds around but provides lots of opportunity. More opportunity will come from recovery than staying on the road of being addicted. Arriving each and every day willing to…