Addiction changes the person who is addicted in profound ways. It transforms every relationship. In fact, it impacts each aspect of our lives. To make matters worse, often the drug of choice is pervasive in your community. It may even be used, but not abused, in the household. Simply avoiding all contact isn’t always an option. So something needs to change in the mental state of the one suffering from addiction. When it does, they’ll find it easier to stay on the recovery path. That’s where addiction treatment therapy in Laguna Beach, CA can help.

woman walking Laguna Beach after her session of addiction treatment therapyThe U.S. Department of Health & Human Services estimates that over 61 million Americans are misusing alcohol. Would you believe that’s nearly half of all the alcohol drinkers in the U.S? Another seven million people in the U.S. have a drug-related substance abuse disorder. This includes things like heroin, meth, cocaine or prescription drug addiction. And around 2.6 million people are abusing both alcohol and drugs, a deadly combination. All in all, the National Institute of Drug Abuse estimates that substance abuse costs the country over $740 billion each year.

In summary, addiction treatment therapy can help those suffering from addiction learn how to manage their addiction for long-lasting healing in recovery.

What Are the Types of Addiction Treatment Therapy

The types of addiction therapy are as unique as the individual themselves. So therapists and other trained addiction professionals work with you to understand your addiction. In doing so, they can develop a personalized program that includes the right therapies for you.

Some of these therapies available when you receive addiction treatment therapy in Laguna Beach, CA include:

  • Laguna Beach, CA Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in which are person works with a therapist to identify habits and negative thinking patterns that are not constructive and replaces them with healthier thought and action patterns that promote wellness
  • Experiential/Adventure Therapy in which a person explores themselves and their addiction through individual and group activities such as hiking, yoga or sports
  • Group Therapy in which a person shares their experiences with others who have similar addictions and practices responding to triggers, talking with loved ones, etc. through group activities
  • Meditative Therapy in which a therapist guides an individual to look within and learn to manage emotions and cravings through meditative exercises
  • Holistic Therapy, which treats a person as a whole and complex person rather than an addict and works to help them overcome the addiction by addressing addiction for every side mental, physical, emotional and spiritual
  • Equine Therapy where an individual heals by learning to care for horses

This is by no means an all-inclusive list. During an addiction treatment program in Laguna Beach, CA you may complete several forms of addiction therapy. They’ll all work together to help you experience lifelong mental and behavioral pattern changes that promote a lifetime in recovery.

What Are the Settings/Levels of Care For Laguna Beach Addiction Therapy

Oceanfront Recovery offers these therapies and more in various clinical settings to meet individual needs. These include but aren’t limited to:

The Road to Recovery Starts Here

Skilled therapists and other addiction professionals are ready to help you or your loved one start down the road to recovery. A personalized addiction therapy program can help.

Is the weight of addiction controlling your life? We can help you or your loved one overcome that addiction through evidence-based addiction treatment therapy. Contact us at (877) 279-1777 to learn more.