Addiction-Treatment-Therapy-ProgramsAddiction changes the person who is addicted in profound ways. It transforms every relationship. In fact, it impacts each aspect of our lives. To make matters worse, often, the drug of choice is pervasive in your community. It may even be used, but not abused, in the household. Simply avoiding all contact isn’t always an option. So something needs to change in the mental state of the one suffering from addiction. When it does, they’ll find it easier to stay on the recovery path. That’s where addiction treatment therapy at Oceanfront Recovery in Laguna Beach, CA, can help.

Tens of millions of Americans misuse alcohol every year. Because alcohol is legal, easily available, and present in most social settings, it is easily abused. There are several ways alcohol addiction can develop. While many think that having an alcohol use disorder means that a person drinks to excess all the time, it can just as easily be someone who binge drinks regularly or someone who only drinks a little but consistently. All of these forms of alcohol use disorder can lead to an addiction. However, through addiction treatment therapy, those suffering from alcohol addiction can learn how to manage their addiction for long-lasting healing in recovery.

What Are the Types of Addiction Treatment Therapy?

The types of addiction therapy are as unique as the individual themselves. As therapists and other trained professionals work with you to understand your addiction, you’ll be presented with different forms of treatment. In this way, a customized treatment plan can be put together that addresses your specific needs and goals. Your counselor or therapists then revise your treatment plan with you based on your progress and desires.

It all begins by understanding what the kinds of therapy available are. At Oceanfront Recovery, we offer several options such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) in which are person works with a therapist to identify habits and negative thinking patterns that are not constructive and replaces them with healthier thought and action patterns that promote wellness.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy is similar to CBT but focuses on understand the sources of emotions and emotional reactions to develop proper and positive responses.
  • Experiential/Adventure therapy in which a person explores themselves and their addiction through individual and group activities such as hiking, yoga, or sports
  • Group therapy in which a person shares their experiences with others who have similar addictions and practices responding to triggers, talking with loved ones, etc., through group activities.
  • Family therapy is a unique form of treatment where individuals explore their family experiences and connections, learning how these relationships affected their alcohol use disorder. It can also be a form of therapy where families come together to work through their issues together.
  • EMDR therapy is a kind of trauma-focused therapy that maps the brain’s reaction to certain stimuli.

These therapies take a holistic approach to treating the whole person. Our therapies work to help individuals overcome the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction.

The Levels of Care in Addiction Treatment

Oceanfront Recovery offers these therapies and more in various clinical settings to meet individual needs. These include but aren’t limited to:

During an addiction treatment program, you may complete several forms of addiction therapy. They’ll all work together to help you experience lifelong mental and behavioral pattern changes that promote a lifetime in recovery.

The Road to Recovery Starts at Oceanfront Recovery

Skilled therapists and other addiction professionals are ready to help you or your loved one start down the road to recovery. A personalized addiction therapy program can help. Is the weight of addiction controlling your life? We can help you or your loved one overcome that addiction through evidence-based addiction treatment therapy. Contact us at 877.296.7477 to learn more.