doctor prescribing morphine

What to Know About Morphine Addiction

The opium poppy plant is where morphine starts. A painkiller that is highly potent, morphine can come in many forms, but it scheduled as highly addictive because it has serious implications for people who use it. People abuse the drug because they get addicted to the way it brings pleasure, then tolerance builds to the…

therapist explaining to new patient the five things to know about drug detox

Five Things to Know About Drug Detox

The body needs to get rid of drugs and other things from the system. Detoxing is key for individuals battling substance use disorder. To try and begin counseling people with substance abuse while the toxins are in the system is not going to work. That is basically setting them up for relapse. Drug detox is…

exhausted man showing common patterns of substance abuse

What Are Common Patterns of Substance Abuse?

An addiction disorder is defined as a condition where a person feels compelled to do something like use drugs or drink alcohol and cannot stop. They experience a negative impact on their lives, including career or school, relationships, and health. They do not understand there is a problem or the extent to which it goes,…

man addicted to smartphone riding train

How to Know if You Need a Digital Vacation

People check smartphones on and off throughout the day. This causes stress and a thought process that borders on obsessive to know what is happening in other people’s lives, some of whom are just barely friends or acquaintances. Social media has a lot to do with how people perceive their health and overall wellness. Escaping…

brain of gears with lights of neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters and the Brain: Why they Matter for Recovery

Heroin and other drugs do not directly cause a high for people. It is the effect of these substances on neurotransmitters that cause feelings of pleasure or euphoria. The chemical substances the body uses to send signals and get things done suddenly are lighting up in the brain. Manipulating these is dangerous. It is essential…

a woman talking to her doctor about Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment Center

Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment Center

Orange County Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment CenterOften associated with psychedelic drugs, such as LSD and ecstasy (learn more about our ecstasy addiction treatment center in Laguna Beach), hallucinogens profoundly distort an individual’s perception of reality. Hallucinogens can be either naturally occurring, like peyote, or synthetic. The danger of hallucinogen abuse is the chemical make-up of such…