man supporting girlfriend with borderline personality disorder

Yes, You Can Have Thriving Relationships with Borderline Personality Disorder: Here’s How

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is like many mental illnesses people live with every day. It has its challenges, including complications at work, in relationships, and health. Relationships can be difficult for people with BPD, especially romantic partnerships or marriages. With mental illness, there are many complex circumstances but there is also fear of abandonment and…

man sitting with hood on displaying one type of PTSD

What Are the Different Types of PTSD and How Are They Treated?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is categorized as a mental illness, typically developed by people who have suffered some trauma. For PTSD to be diagnosed, the person must have experienced their symptoms for a month at a minimum. The most common symptom is disturbing feelings over the trauma that the person experienced, making a traumatic…

older man leading business meeting stress-free

Is There a Link Between Social Anxiety Disorder and Drug Use?

Social Anxiety Disorder, also known as SAD, affects those who are particularly vulnerable to develop substance abuse problems. SAD affects up to 7% of adult Americans, and victims are unable to function effectively or be comfortable in many different social situations. Many symptoms of SAD manifest themselves physically, such as excessive sweating, blushing, rapid pulse…

therapist encouraging man to continue his addiction recovery

Why Partial Recovery is Not the Whole Story

Recovery is a long arc, a story that starts with rehab and ends when a person’s life is over. That leaves a whole lot of room in between for many nuances. There are programs and different styles of healing from addiction, but detox and rehab have high success rates for a reason. They work to…

man struggling with codeine addiction gazing out rainy window

3 Signs a Loved One is Struggling with Codeine Addiction

The opioid medication codeine is commonly prescribed to treat mild to moderate pain levels. With a prescription, the medication can be safe but a person who abuses it can create a bigger challenge. Tylenol is one of those commonly used medications yet it can cause great harm to some people’s lives. Addiction can occur when…

husband supporting wife with depression by sitting outside

If a Loved One Has Depression, How Can a Partner Support Them?

Loving someone with depression is challenging, especially when you are unable to help them. It can be frustrating when your partner is not just depressed, but due to depression is irritable, angry, or withdrawn. There are many ways to support a loved one with the right time and patience.  Patience Patience is a virtue, and…

sober man enjoying summer party with daughter

Survive that Summer Party with Some Sobriety Safety Tips

There are many ways to celebrate summer, but it seems so many events come laden with alcohol. Social plans are hard to make when a person is in sobriety. They are warm-weather, fun events, but they are also stressful and anxiety-inducing for those who do not drink. Protecting the space that is summer fun is…

abstract of man breaking up from long term effects of hallucinogen use

What Are the Long Term Effects of Hallucinogen Use?

Hallucinogens impact a person because they change how they see reality. They experience an impact on their prefrontal cortex. This controls cognition and perception, among other things. This impact is short-term, but some trips may last a long time (12 hours or more). When a person is taking hallucinogens, there are serious side effects and…