Doctor discussing irregular cholesterol with patient with alcohol addiction

Find Out Why Cholesterol is Impacted by Alcohol Use 

Alcohol impacts cholesterol in ways that people may not realize. Moderate levels of alcohol consumption can help good cholesterol levels, but drinking too much may cause a buildup of plaque. The blood is not supposed to have a lot of plaque as that can impact the heart over time. Alcohol may also increase HDL, which…

doctor explaining how Vicodin addiction impacts the body to a patient

What Leaky Gut Syndrome and Alcoholism Have in Common

When people drink a lot of alcohol, they tend to have issues with their intestines and digestive systems. This is due to the processing of toxins in the alcohol that filter through the organs and, eventually, make their way through to the end. From beginning to end, mouth to the gut, the organs in between…

man in recovery sitting up in bed with signs of sleep disorder at Oceanfront Recovery

Why Are Sleep Disorders Common for People in Recovery?

Having a few drinks or doing drugs occasionally is some peoples’ way of relaxing. When that is gone in sobriety and recovery, it can feel difficult to sleep at night. Sometimes it is hard to shake those old coping mechanisms and embrace the third way. While it is common for people with sleep disorders to…

group therapy practicing taking constructive criticism

How to Take Constructive Criticism with These 3 Tips (and No Regrets)

It is hard to take criticism, plain and simple. It is even more difficult to take constructive criticism, even if it is well-meaning. Sometimes people see shortcomings in others they want to point out, but don’t always do it effectively. When people are in recovery, it feels like everything lands under a microscope and others…

recovery therapy group supporting struggling member

Does it Matter Where I Recover So Long as I’m Sober and Clean?

Location matters to some people, but not others. Overall, when people look to get sober, they have lots to consider. There is no one factor to look at, but a whole picture of how to pay for it, getting insurance coverage, finding a suitable place to deal with the addiction and any other issues, along…

man craving alcohol and staring out window

How Can People Prepare for Intensive Outpatient Treatment? 

People who struggle with addiction may opt for intensive outpatient drug treatment (IOP as a compromise between a traditional program and inpatient work. Understanding what the rewards of going inpatient are can help a person make a healthy decision. It is also possible for people to prepare more effectively when they know what to expect. Schedule…