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Taking the first step to drug addiction recovery is often the most difficult. It takes courage to admit a problem exists. Additionally, it takes strength to do something about it. Millions of individuals are struggling with substance use disorder. However, if this problem is plaguing you, there is hope. Your first step is to begin the admissions process. By reaching out to Oceanfront Recovery, a reputable drug rehab in Orange County, you start the journey from addiction to healing.

How the Admissions Process Works

At Oceanfront Recovery, we make the entire admissions process simple. With one brief phone call to our compassionate recovery specialists, you take a step closer to rehab admissions and a better way of life. Our intake coordinators will gather some information from you when you make the call for rehab admissions. This will help us best determine the proper treatment program. You may be asked for information such as:

  • Identifying information
  • Medical history
  • What substances you are currently using and what substances, if any, you used in the past
  • Mental health history, if applicable

You can expect your intake coordinator to keep your information confidential. Only the therapists and clinical workers will have access to it. We believe our clients and their families deserve to be treated with respect and dignity at this most stressful time.

When you call, our admissions counselors will answer any questions you have. We strive to make sure you feel confident about the choice for you or your loved one. In addition, our advisers will answer and explain the rehab admissions process. Through this procedure, you can determine if Oceanfront Recovery is the right program for you.

Next Steps

During the next phase of the rehab admissions process, we will verify your rehab insurance benefits. We are pleased to inform you that we work with a large group of insurance providers, so you won’t be left without resources. Furthermore, federal law prohibits insurance companies from denying coverage for drug addiction issues. They aren’t obligated to cover the entire amount, but they can’t deny you completely. If you have out-of-network PPO benefits, our recovery specialists can check to see how your benefits will help to offset the cost of treatment.

Treatments and Programs

At Oceanfront Recovery, we pride ourselves on offering a range of services designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. We realize that everyone is different and may benefit from a different type of service. When you complete the admissions process, a medical worker will provide you with a thorough evaluation. We like to call this concierge-level service. Between the two of you, you’ll decide what treatment program is most applicable to your life and needs. We’ll also work out a schedule for therapy.

We offer the following treatment programs:

Therapy will be an integral part of your schedule at the Oceanfront Recovery facility. You can take advantage of the following addiction treatment therapies in Laguna Beac, CA:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Group, family, and individual therapy
  • Experiential therapy

Welcome to Oceanfront Recovery

Begin the admissions process today by contacting Oceanfront Recovery. Our caring coordinators are ready to guide you through each step of the way. Whether you are struggling with cocaine, opioids, alcohol, or some other substance, we’re here for you.

Don’t let substance addiction interfere with your life. Take steps to overcome your problems by going to a quality drug rehab. Contact us at 877.296.7477, and we’ll guide you to the path of healing.


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