man discussing polysubstance abuse with his doctor

What Is Dangerous About Polysubstance Abuse?

 Anyone can be addicted to substances at any point in their life journey. Drugs and alcohol do not interact well, no matter what the drug. It can create a perfect storm of challenges for people with pre-existing conditions, including health problems that require medical attention. Some substances interact negatively with others, which has a negative…

therapist leading role play session during rehab group session

Prepare for Rehab with These 3 Trip Tips 

Anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed can happen to anyone preparing for rehab. Going on a trip makes it sound like a vacation, which is in a way. It is a vacation away from the life that once was, that was being built on shaky ground. In preparation for rehab, there are three things a…

man smiling with group of friends bursting out of the mid-summer sobriety slump

Bust Out of the Mid-Summer Sobriety Slump with These 3 Tricks 

Recovery from addiction has its ups and downs, especially early on. At any point, a person can find themselves in a slump of sorts. This might be due to career changes, economic shifts, changes in their personal lives, or any number of things. Recovery is not easy and certainly does not come without its challenges.…

man stopping himself from trying to fix people during group addiction therapy

How Can I Stop Fixing People and Help Myself in Recovery? 

When someone is compulsively trying to fix someone, it can have a devastating impact on the entire family. In recovery, this behavior might grow stronger with a desire to help people who seem to need lots of help. It is not anyone else’s job to fix them but the person themselves. There are some practical…

smiling man embracing his new life after rehab without shame

Why Does Shame Happen After Rehab?

Shame is such a harmful emotion when it lingers around too long. It usually partners up with guilt to pummel you in recovery, just to remind you it is kicking butt and taking names. Active recovery requires looking at your baggage, including shame, and realizing there are ways to get rid of it that will…

man vaping marijuana on stairwell

Is Vaping Marijuana Addictive?

 People are talking about vaping now more than ever, especially with state jumping on board to legalize marijuana. Drug delivery services have changed with medical marijuana use, including the use of vape pens. Public smoking laws have provided ways to incentivize marijuana products people can smoke and even eat. There may be unseen consequences of…