man understanding how addiction damages men's health

How Addiction Damages Men’s Health

Drug and alcohol abuse has a devastating effect on everyone with a substance use disorder. However, certain conditions are unique to men or women. At Oceanfront Recovery in Laguna Beach, CA, our men’s rehab program addresses gender-specific issues in a safe environment. Learn the lasting impacts on men’s health and what to expect from an…

family rebuilding relationships after rehab

Rebuilding Relationships After Rehab

Drugs and alcohol damage more than your mind and body. Often, those you love become collateral damage throughout the cycle of addiction. Although it’s one of the most important tasks following addiction recovery, rebuilding relationships after rehab can seem daunting. Unfortunately, loved ones often become embroiled in codependent relationships that contribute to your addiction. At…


What Else Is There to Know About PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder is not a new condition to humanity. In fact, the symptoms of PTSD have been recorded for quite some time now. The earliest records were found on cuneiform tablets that date back approximately three thousand years ago during the Assyrian dynasty (1300-609 BC) in ancient Mesopotamia. Today, this area is known as Iraq.…

woman understanding the dangers of white knuckle sobriety

The Dangers of White-Knuckle Sobriety

White-knuckle sobriety refers to the practice of desperately holding onto sobriety without working a recovery program. Many programs stress the impossibility of maintaining sobriety by sheer force of will, but there are some—few and far between—who can for some time. The problem with white-knuckling sobriety is that it does not allow one to address all…

man wondering what is a physical allergy

What does Alcoholics Anonymous mean by “Physical Allergy”?

For many years, alcohol use disorder, or alcoholism, has been known as a threefold disease that affects the mind, body, and spirit. Within the disease, three parts are referred to as the spiritual malady, the physical allergy, and the mental obsession. These components, in conjunction, make up the disease of alcohol addiction, as defined by…

globe with stethoscope wrapped around representing world health day

Observing World Health Day

World Health Day recognizes a different health issue every year. Topics include physical and mental health issues such as depression, addiction, cancer, and other global issues. Each year the World Health Organization announces a different theme that usually encompasses several issues under one canvas. In 2021, the theme is “Building a healthier, fairer world.” At…