an expecting mother looking up prescription drugs and pregnancy

Prescription Drug Abuse and Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is a joyous occasion for many. During the next nine months, you will be carrying a life within you that needs nourishment and protection. If you are currently taking any medication, drugs, or alcohol, it has the potential to do great harm to the fetus. Prescription drugs and pregnancy do not mix well…

a woman in nature to fight drug cravings

5 Ways to Fight Drug Cravings

Quitting any substance isn’t easy, but with the help of an addiction treatment center, you can get through successfully. As you go through drug rehab, however, you will have drug cravings. Therefore, it’s critical to know how to fight them so that you can overcome the issue you’re facing. Here are five ways to fight…

a person self-medicating

5 Risks of Self-Medicating

People have many reasons for self-medicating. Some people turn to drugs as a form of self-medicating because of untreated mental health issues, unresolved trauma, extreme stressors in their life, and more. But whatever the reasons for using substances to subdue the inner pain you feel, there are consequential dangers that go along with it. Here…

a woman going through cocaine withdrawal

Cocaine Withdrawal Process

When dealing with cocaine addiction, many people fear going through detox. They may have concerns about what to expect during the cocaine withdrawal process. It’s common to feel a hesitancy based on fear and anxiety. However, by putting off what you need to do to deal with your cocaine addiction, you may slip into deeper…

exercise and addiction recovery

Exercise and Addiction Recovery

When trying to overcome a substance abuse problem, it’s critical to try various techniques. There are therapies, detox programs, and rehab centers, all designed to aid you in your pursuit. Exercise and addiction recovery go hand in hand and are known to provide relief for those suffering from substance abuse. If you are on the…

a woman wondering is depression hereditary

Is Depression Hereditary?

If you have family members battling with depression, you may wonder if you will ever get it. Or maybe you already think you have depression and wonder if you got it from a relative. Millions of people suffer from a major depressive disorder in the United States, making it one of the more common mental…