a woman learns how common opiate abuse is when she begins opiate addiction treatment

Commonly Abused Opiates

Opiates are so commonplace that millions of people in the United States fill prescriptions for them each year. Millions more acquire and use nonprescription opiates. Opiates in all forms are highly addictive, and even a short course of use can create a substance use disorder. Fortunately, opiate addiction treatment is also becoming more common and…

a desk, couch, chair, and shelving in an addiction treatment specialists office in a residential rehab center in california

Residential Rehab Center in California

Recovering from a substance use disorder involves a total reorientation of lifestyle, priorities, and relationships. Many people find that it’s overwhelming and challenging to deal with the triggers and temptations that are present in their daily environments. Enrolling in a residential treatment program in Laguna Beach provides a serene and refreshing atmosphere for recovery that…

a man starts his recovery in detox before he can enter rehab

Detox Vs. Rehab: Key Differences You Need to Know

The decision to seek treatment for an addiction is a significant milestone. However, it can be challenging to understand what to do next once you’ve made the decision. Understanding the options available and knowing where to start treatment can ease the transition. Many people use “rehab” and “detox” interchangeably. While the two things are related,…

a man's recovery benefits from dual diagnosis treatment

The Many Benefits and Features of Our Dual Diagnosis Treatments

A Substance abuse disorder is rarely limited to addiction itself. Many people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction also suffer from unresolved trauma and mental health disorders. Treating addiction without attending to corresponding mental-emotional distress is like trying to use play-doh for a heart transplant. It’s wholly ineffective. Dual diagnosis treatment recognizes the relationship between…

a man benefits in treatment from cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Techniques We Use that Work

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a type of psycho-social intervention aiming to alleviate mental distress symptoms such as anxiety and depression by reprogramming negative thought patterns to amend harmful behaviors. It has proven successful in treating substance use disorders when combined with other forms of addiction treatment. At Oceanfront Recovery, we pride ourselves on individualized addiction treatment…

a man asks questions to ensure this rehab center is high quality

Questions to Ask a Rehabilitation Center to Prove They’re High-Quality

Seeking treatment for a substance use disorder is courageous. While it may seem daunting to enter a rehabilitation center, asking the right questions and assessing your options can ensure that you enter the right program. A little upfront research and interviewing the center before checking in will ensure that you’re in a safe, comfortable environment…