man expressing chronic stress signs to learn to cope better

What is Chronic Stress and How Do I Learn to Cope Better?

Chronic stress is a prolonged feeling of stress that keeps impacting your health in a bad way. It can be caused by the everyday pressures of balancing family and work or by traumatic situations. To help manage stress, you need to know what causes it and how it impacts the body. Chronic Stress Chronic stress…

three men at cafe feeding their caffeine addiction

Why Caffeine Addiction is Serious Business

Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant in the world, appearing in beverages and other things. For millions of people, caffeine can quickly become an addiction and cause serious withdrawal symptoms if the person tries to curb the habit. Research is exploring caffeine addiction as a potentially serious disorder which prompts new methods of recovery.…

teen boy listening to explanations about 6 dangerous drugs

What Should I Know About These 6 Dangerous Drugs?

Hundreds of dangerous drugs in the world are lurking but people who are addicted may not realize their dangers. You can maybe name a few off the top of your head but some of the following can be surprising to people. If you familiarize yourself with them, you will get to know the effects so…

man being put under hypnosis to help addiction treatment

Hypnosis Can Help Addiction Treatment: Here’s How

Hypnosis is serious business for some people. It may even help with addiction treatment for others in recovery. Referred to as hypnotherapy, sessions are said to reduce stress, manage pain, improve health, and lead to success in their treatment. Practitioners who use it say it can lead to success for certain people who are ready…

woman posing with adult son encouraging their loved one to go to recovery

How Do I Encourage a Loved One to Go to Recovery?

Getting admitted to rehab is scary for most people. Many are afraid to think of being away from family and making a huge change in their life. Change is hard no matter what, but communicating how hard it makes it worse for some people. Loved ones don’t always want to listen to one another, especially…

man describing how he cut cravings with Baclofen in recovery to therapist

The Power of Baclofen to Cut Cravings in Recovery

Baclofen is a drug that is being used medically for people in recovery from addiction. The drug is showing promise for people with addiction, especially in cases of prolonged alcohol abuse that already has led to liver cirrhosis. Cutting Back Cravings The drug has been tested for its effects on alcoholism for those who have…

group therapy meeting about anxiety impacting health long term

Can Anxiety Impact My Health Long Term?

A flat tire can take out your car when you are driving down the road. Your laptop may take up hours of work when it decides to go kaput. These are minor things in the scheme of life but all anxiety-producing in the moment. Anxiety comes in small and big packages as life comes and…

man challenged with getting past reward-based behavior and receiving support from recovery group

The Challenge of Getting Past Reward-Based Behavior in Recovery

Humans are hard-wired for pleasure seeking things like sex, food, drugs, and other means of achieving a good time. Many people also fall into the category of wanting ‘rewarding’ experiences as well. Rewards are not as important but they must be attractive enough to capture a person’s attention.  When you start to move past reward-based…

man smiling during the fourth stage of rehab

What is the ‘Fourth Stage’ of Rehab?

The ‘fourth stage’ of rehab from drugs and alcohol is reaching advanced recovery where long-lasting abstinence is possible. Advanced recovery, sometimes called stable recovery, typically begins after five years of sustained abstinence. Throughout the continuing care phase of rehab, people must learn to make healthier, more productive, choices in all areas of life. Advanced recovery…

man practicing yoga pose for holistic addiction treatment during his recovery from heroin

The Power of Holistic Addiction Treatment in Recovery

A new development in the field of addiction care is increasing implementation of holistic treatments that approach wellbeing from the perspective of a person’s mind, body, and spirit. Holistic treatment, in this sense, is about the power of whole recovery versus looking at each disparate part. Holistic Treatment A complementary treatment strategy is used with…