a man enjoys good nutritious food in rehab

What Is Food Like in Rehab and Treatment Centers?

When considering treatment options for addiction recovery, food may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, while it may seem secondary, nutrition plays a crucial role in recovery. Food is vital in nourishing the body’s systems during detox and treatment. Food can also provide a sense of comfort, stability, and joy and…

a man deals with symptoms of medication toxicity

Symptoms of Medication Toxicity

Medication toxicity occurs when too much of a prescription drug builds up in a person’s bloodstream. Drug toxicity can be dangerous, causing long-term health effects and even death. Medically supervised drug and alcohol detox ensures a person with drug toxicity remains safe and comfortable as the medication is eliminated from their system. Call Oceanfront Recovery…

a man gets the right professional treatment to fight back against addiction

Getting the Right Professional Treatment to Fight Back Against Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease that can be managed like other conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Fighting back against addiction takes personal commitment, support, medical intervention, and the right addiction treatment program. Professional treatment provides the help people need to maintain long-term addiction recovery and prevent relapse. Call Oceanfront Recovery today at…

a man talks to his addiction counselor while in executive treatment

What Is Executive Treatment?

There are many barriers to seeking addiction treatment. For some, it may be financial concerns. For others, it is the stigma of admitting they have an addiction. Some people are unable to take time away from their professional responsibilities to receive the treatment they desperately need. Executive treatment makes it possible for people with high-profile…

a man enjoys a chef prepared meal in residential treatment

Enjoying a Chef-Prepared Meal in Residential Treatment

Delicious meals may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about residential addiction treatment, but the food you eat during rehab is an important component of recovery. Eating a chef-prepared meal made with fresh, nutritious ingredients isn’t just “pampering.” Quality food helps restore your body and brain as you work…

a man thrives in recovering from addiction in a men's rehab program

Where to Go to Find a Men’s Rehab in Laguna Beach, CA

Finding the men’s rehab program that fits all of your needs is important. Addiction recovery is different for each person, and it’s crucial that a program provides the kinds of treatments and support a client can respond to positively. The men’s rehab program at Oceanfront Recovery is designed to help any man who wants traditional,…

a man quits adderall cold turkey safely in an addiction treatment and detox program

Quitting Adderall Cold Turkey Safely

Adderall is frequently prescribed to help alleviate symptoms of ADHD for teens and adolescents. Some people believe it is not a potentially dangerous drug, but Adderall is an addictive substance, and quitting Adderall cold turkey without medical support can be dangerous. To learn more about Adderall addiction treatment and how to stay safe during withdrawal,…

a man uses cigna to arrange residential treatment

Using Cigna to Help Pay for Your Residential Treatment

Paying for treatment shouldn’t be a priority concern when you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, but unfortunately, it is a reality. At Oceanfront Recovery, we do our best to make payment easier by staying in-network with most major insurance providers, including Cigna. If you’re unsure what your policy will pay for, call Oceanfront Recovery…

a man enrolls himself into a residential treatment program for addiction

5 Benefits of Enrolling Into a Residential Treatment Program

In the world of addiction treatment, there are many different programs and methods that people can choose from in order to find the help that they need. Some people opt for an outpatient program, while others choose to enroll in a residential treatment program. There are many benefits to enrolling in a residential treatment program…