a woman relaxing in a field as she is living life to the fullest in recovery

Living Life to the Fullest in Recovery

As you begin to thrive in recovery, a whole new world is unfolding before you. Living life to the fullest is now a reality, instead of a gift only bestowed on “other people.” Your future is now. It’s important that you celebrate your successes and your milestones in recovery. You’ve begun to make deep connections…

a group therapy session discussing different addiction treatments

Different Treatments For Mind, Body and Spirit

We commonly hear about the physical and health consequences of addiction. The physical side effects and the actual addiction itself are normally the focus of most traditional clinical style treatment facilities. The more we are able to learn about addiction, the more we understand that the physical side of addiction is only a small piece…

a doctor explaining how life coaching for recovery can help a patient

Life Coaching For Recovery

Life Coaching has exploded as a popular way for individuals to create the life of their dreams. Whether you want to write the great American novel, increase your income from 6 to 7 figures, or meet your soul mate, there are coaches ready and willing to help. Olympic athletes use coaches. Successful CEOs have used…

a doctor explaining to a patient how cognitive-behavioral therapy can help

Benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

As a component of your recovery, you may begin receiving individual counseling from a therapist using a technique called cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, for short. In cognitive-behavioral therapy, you will learn personal skills to cope with life’s problems and challenges, without the use of drugs or alcohol. Unlike psychoanalysis, in which therapists look for unconscious…

a woman thinking about what to know about fentanyl

What Do I Need To Know About Fentanyl?

Drug overdoses have been seemingly taking more and more lives every year. Many of the overdoses are partly due to a more intense drug than the user initially took called fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is highly dangerous. Translucent, odorless, and tasteless, it is impossible for opioid users to know when they are…