Woman sits on chair and looks outside, pondering the signs of opioid addiction

3 Signs of Opioid Addiction to Look Out For

Opioid addiction remains one of the most significant substance misuse issues in the United States. The opioid epidemic persists and, in some ways, has morphed. Addiction to prescription opioids often leads to addiction to dangerous drugs like fentanyl. Moreover, people who believe they are buying a lower-grade opioid may, in fact, be getting a substance…

Client talks to doctor as he asks which treatment centers for depression are good

How to Know Which Treatment Centers For Depression Are Good

Not all treatment centers for depression are the same. Some offer residential services, while others have both residential and outpatient services. A treatment center for depression may lean solely on traditional methods, or it may lean into holistic practices in combination with traditional methods. With all these differences between treatment centers for depression, how can…

Woman looks in the mirror and hides face in hands as she wonders, "what are the signs of xanax addiction?"

What Are the Signs of Xanax Addiction?

Xanax is a common, brand-name prescription medication. It is classified as a benzodiazepine or benzo and is prescribed as an anti-anxiety medication. Xanax is powerful, which in turn makes it addictive when it is misused. Typically, a Xanax addiction builds over time. This can make it harder to recognize Xanax addiction signs as they may…