a man gets the right professional treatment to fight back against addiction

Getting the Right Professional Treatment to Fight Back Against Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease that can be managed like other conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Fighting back against addiction takes personal commitment, support, medical intervention, and the right addiction treatment program.Professional treatment provides the help people need to maintain long-term addiction recovery and prevent relapse. Call Oceanfront Recovery today at (877) 296-7477

a man thrives in recovering from addiction in a men's rehab program

Where to Go to Find a Men’s Rehab in Laguna Beach, CA

Finding the men’s rehab program that fits all of your needs is important. Addiction recovery is different for each person, and it’s crucial that a program provides the kinds of treatments and support a client can respond to positively.The men’s rehab program at Oceanfront Recovery is designed to help any man who wants traditional, evidence-based…

a person connects with a caring professional for help in an anxiety treatment program

Signs It’s Time to Find an Anxiety Treatment Program

An addiction is a difficult cross to bear for anyone, but the weight can become even more pressing when combined with another mental illness. Many people who struggle with substance abuse also suffer from a co-occurring disorder, and these two factors often exacerbate each other. Because of this, it’s vital that you seek care for…

Alcohol gut inflammation symptoms

What Is Alcohol Gastritis?

Many people drink alcohol at a wide variety of levels. Some may only have one or two drinks, and some may only drink on special occasions. Others still will develop unhealthy drinking habits. The biggest trouble with those habits is that they often lead to alcohol dependency or addiction. Alcohol addiction can have many ill…

Kava for opiate withdrawal

Can Kava Be Used for Opiate Withdrawal?

When you’re working toward sobriety, you may find that some approaches work better than others. Every person has different needs, and different environmental and sociological factors impact every addiction, so it’s no secret that individualized treatment can be more successful. However, this doesn’t mean that every method of detox and recovery is safe or recommended.…

Long term effects of gaslighting

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Gaslighting?

When you imagine interpersonal abuse and what it looks like, you’re likely picturing physical altercations and hands-on abuse tactics. While these forms of abuse are common and extremely harmful, they are not the only ways someone can abuse another person. Emotional abuse is just as prevalent and can be just as destructive as physical forms…

White knuckling anxiety

5 Ways to Deal with White Knuckling Anxiety

If you’re struggling with frequent anxiety, it may help to know that you’re not alone. Many people from all backgrounds and walks of life deal with anxiety. However, you should ensure that you’re dealing with it productively and healthily. This is easier said than done, but it means that you should pay attention to the…

Codependent vs enabler

What Is the Difference Between Codependent vs Enabler

There are many reasons that personal relationships are affected by addiction. Whether it’s a romantic, familial, professional, or platonic relationship, it will be changed through addiction. Sometimes, a lack of trust causes the relationship to crumble or lose closeness. Other times, the relationship may begin to take another form. Codependency and enabling behavior are common…