man committed to recovery practicing yoga

Stay Committed to Personal Change in Recovery with These Tips

Personal change can be a journey of discovery. What it takes to sustain it for the long haul is another story. Without first deciding to make change, nothing will happen. Following that is implementing the change necessary. If you really want to change, you must first know what you want and where you are going.…

young man thinking about what is Mexican black tar heroin on black background

What is Mexican Black Tar Heroin?

People who are addicted to heroin are typically looking for many different drugs and ways to achieve that goal. This might mean taking drugs they have never tried before or try to achieve a certain type of high. OxyContin is one drug people are using more for the high they can achieve, while black tar…

young couple in toxic relationship sitting on bridge drinking alcohol

How to Release a Toxic Relationship to Save Your Sobriety

Toxic relationships can be more detrimental to recovery than people realize. Early in recovery, people are susceptible to the influences of loved ones and friends they surround themselves with, making it more important than ever to get rid of those relationships that are toxic. Cutting off toxic relationships is not about not seeing people ever…

man smiling after recovering from marijuana addiction and strengthening his immune system

Does Marijuana Weaken the Immune System?

Marijuana is all over the news lately for its supposedly healthy means of supporting people who are struggling with cancer and other health issues. Depending on the type of marijuana or CBD oils, there are many ways to look at the broader issue of growing marijuana use in America. Underneath it all is the concept…

couple video chatting with family after recovery

You Can Have the Last Laugh in Recovery: Why Humor is Key

Active addiction is nothing to laugh about. It can be a detrimental thing for people to experience which has lasting impact on their lives. Life cannot be taken too seriously, but addiction is very serious for people whose lives have been ruined by drugs or alcohol. Having a sense of humor can help people navigate…

digital representation of ecstasy impacting the brain

How Does Ecstasy Use Impact the Brain?

Ecstasy is a drug that is usually referred to as MDMA, named for the chemical composition of methylene-dioxymethamphetamine. The drug is a hallucinogen that is sold on the street for people to use in tablet form. Many effects happen in the brain and body when a person uses the drug, including euphoria, and sensations of…

teen girl sitting with parents in family therapy

Why Family Therapy Can Build Up Your Recovery

Family therapy is only one component of a healthy recovery program for some people. It may not be for everyone, but it is a means of incorporating loved ones into a process that supports their healing as well as that of the loved one. Enabling behaviors and other challenges of working in a family system…

therapist presenting the 5 things you should do after rehab to group session

What Are the 5 Things I Should Do After Rehab?

Drug treatment programs are designed as a gateway to another world. This world includes recovery and a new life waiting on the other side. It may feel like a foreign world with a new language and new way of living, but it is part of the journey of recovery. It can be a tenuous time,…

man getting support from therapist that relapse is not the end of recovery

Relapse is Not the End of Your Recovery Story: Here’s Why

When people hear the word relapse, they think that means the end of recovery. Some other words that might pop into a person’s head are failure, shame, regret, and other negative connotations which are only slightly true and relevant. Words have a way of harming people when they get stuck in their head and are…