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Is a Sober Living Program Right for Me?

If you’re just getting out of an inpatient treatment program for addiction, the next stage of your journey might involve something called a sober living home. Also known as halfway houses, this program can help ease you into a post-addiction world. Because there are many challenges you will face during this big transition, it is…

drinking on thanksgiving

Risks of Drinking on Thanksgiving

For people worldwide, holidays are an important time to celebrate and spend quality time with the people they love. On Thanksgiving, in particular, large families may gather for the first time all year, and it can be a bright and cheery event with lots of great food. Unfortunately, it’s also common that holidays like Thanksgiving…

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What Does Self-Care Really Mean Post-Treatment?

Up until this point, you have likely faced a number of challenges with confronting your addiction. Detox and withdrawal were probably uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Managing the cravings and temptations may have felt impossible. Pinpointing the driving force of your desire to use substances and uprooting it probably took a lot of deep work and…

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What’s the Connection Between Houselessness & Addiction?

The use of the term “houseless” or “houselessness” has gained in popularity as of late due to a shift in perception of that socioeconomic phenomenon. Houseless means that a person does not have a traditional living space, such as an apartment or an actual house. Nonetheless, they may still have a home. As the common…

addiction and bipolar disorder

How Bipolar Disorder Impacts Addiction

Recovery from addiction and substance abuse disorder is a difficult mountain to climb for anyone, but for people who are simultaneously battling an additional mental health disorder, it can seem impossible. It’s easy to fall into that mindset, but the truth of the matter is that most people struggling with addiction also have mental health…

long term effects of opioids

Understanding the Long-Term Effects of Opioids

Opioids are prescribed for pain management all over the country every single day. These drugs can be helpful for many to alleviate pain caused by a variety of injuries, surgeries, chronic conditions, and other maladies, but their strong addictive qualities mean that they can do a lot of harm as well. Opioid addiction is quickly…

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Are They Gaslighting Me?

Emotional abuse can be a subtle form of causing serious harm to another person. Gaslighting is a particularly dangerous tactic that can make you feel like you’re going insane. If not dealt with promptly, you may resort to substance abuse to feel something other than constant psychological suffering. Learning the warning signs can help you…

codependent parent

Helping a Codependent Parent

Navigating a healthy relationship with your parent as an adult can be difficult, regardless of the situation you’re in. When that parent develops codependency toward you, it can feel impossible. When you try to picture a codependent relationship, many people visualize an unhealthy romantic relationship. While codependency does occur in marriages and between romantic partners,…

holding yourself accountable

Holding Yourself Accountable After Rehab

The transition from a stay in a rehab facility back to your day-to-day life can be difficult. This is, in part, because you’re held accountable by rehabilitation staff while working with a facility, and you need your mental tools to keep yourself accountable once you lose that outside influence. For many, learning how to self-regulate…