a woman scared for her friend suffering from a benzo overdose

Signs of a Benzo Overdose

If you are using benzodiazepines (benzos), you may have wondered whether you can experience a benzo overdose. This medication is sometimes overlooked as a potential danger. Some people may think that because a doctor prescribes benzodiazepines that they can’t overdose from them. However, just like any other substance, you can experience a benzo overdose, too.…

a man trying to help his friend figure out how to start helping an alcoholic

Ways to Start Helping an Alcoholic

An alcoholic is a person who has developed a psychological and physical dependence on alcohol. This dependence negatively affects their professional and personal relationships, ultimately adversely affecting their lives and even health. It can be difficult watching a friend or a loved one suffer from alcoholism. Though it is entirely up to the person’s willingness…

a woman comforting her friend who is showing the signs of a relapse

Knowing the Signs of Relapse

On your road to recovery, you will battle emotions and temptations that could lead you to use substances again—those receiving treatment for substance addiction experience at least one relapse during recovery. The good news is, understanding relapse helps you prevent it. This post will identify the signs of a relapse and highlight why it is…

a person looking on their phone not thinking about social media and drug abuse

Social Media and Drug Abuse

In today’s world, social media is inescapable. It has completely altered our communication, allowing us to connect with people all over the world. When put to good use, social media does have several significant benefits. However, with the vital role it plays in our lives, is there a connection between social media and drug abuse?…

a man blowing into a breathalyzer before learning about the consequences of drunk driving

Consequences of Drunk Driving

For you to drive safely, you need to be completely aware in case a need to make quick decisions while on the road arises. As such, driving under the influence could prove fatal. Driving while under the influence has significantly contributed to a ton of road accidents. Unfortunately, many people continue to get behind the…

a man concerned about the connections between schizophrenia and drug addiction

Schizophrenia and Drug Addiction

Schizophrenia is a mental condition that affects your ability to feel, behave, and think clearly, ultimately affecting every aspect of your life. Today, the disease affects millions of people worldwide. When schizophrenia co-occurs with drug addiction, it can be more detrimental to your health. Oceanfront Recovery can help you understand schizophrenia, its symptoms, and look…

a woman running while enjoying the health benefits of sobriety

Health Benefits of Sobriety

Continued drug abuse may lead to long term adverse effects on the life and health of a user. Unfortunately, getting sober is a challenging process due to the substance withdrawal effects one may experience. Yet, the benefits of ceasing drug use are more significant than the pleasure derived from using them. Oceanfront Recovery can guide…