a person showing signs of cocaine addiction as they do a line of cocaine

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine use puts users at risk for dangerous consequences, and even death. Some people fail to recognize the signs of cocaine addiction, while others continue using in spite of their addiction to cocaine. The treatment professionals at Oceanfront Recovery have the knowledge to recognize and treat cocaine addiction, and help individuals with a cocaine addiction regain control over…

a young woman suffering from meth withdrawal symptoms

Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Understanding meth withdrawal symptoms requires an understanding of how meth affects a person, and the signs of meth addiction. When a person exhibits withdrawal symptoms, they likely did not anticipate those symptoms, the same as they did not expect to experience signs of meth addiction. The Oceanfront Recovery Meth Addiction Treatment Center team recognizes the highly addictive nature of…

a group support meeting discussing what is an al anon meeting

What Is An Al-Anon Meeting?

Everyone knows Alcoholics Anonymous but fewer are aware of Al-Anon, a sister support group intended for the loved ones of those suffering from alcoholism. Al-Anon is a support group designed to help the friends and family members of alcoholics recover and move on, and if you’ve never been, it can be intimidating to go, especially…

a woman tired at work signs of xanax addiction

Signs of Xanax Addiction

Understanding the signs of Xanax addiction requires understanding why it is prescribed, and the powerful risk of Xanax abuse. People with a Xanax addiction need to know how to choose an ideal treatment program to help with their specific addiction treatment needs. The experienced team of specialists at Oceanfront Recovery understands the signs of Xanax addiction, and how to…

a woman talking to her doctor about Co-Ed Professionals Program

Co-Ed Professionals Program

Substance use disorders and mental illness affect people of all backgrounds, from homeless individuals to blue-collar workers, to high-level executives, and other professionals. The highly-qualified staff at Oceanfront Recovery understands that some professionals likely fear that they are among just a few professionals that struggle with addiction. This is a myth about professionals with a substance use…

a woman dealing with triggers that precede relapse

The Many Triggers that Precede Relapse

Addiction is a disease, and just like many other diseases, relapse is possible. Relapse usually isn’t something that occurs suddenly, however. There are several triggers that precede relapse, which are events or issues that make you want to use. Recognizing what these triggers allow us to do our best to avoid them. Life’s Stressors While…