group therapy counseling with man sharing story about dangers of counterfeit alcohol

Learn More About the Dangers of ‘Counterfeit Alcohol’  

There have been many people recently in the headlines who were noted as passing away suddenly, ‘without explanation,’ in the Dominican Republic. There have been almost 10 people the FBI is investigating as to why they died sudden deaths in their hotel suites. One of those reasons they are exploring deals with counterfeit alcohol. This…

digital representation of brain-based therapy from addiction to promote healing

How Does EMDR Therapy Help People with PTSD and Addiction? 

EMDR is also known as eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing. This specific form of therapy is offered to those who suffer from past trauma or neglect, PTSD, or adjustment issues. They refine the technique of using lateral eye movements to help people process the effects of trauma. During the procedure, the therapist has the individual think…

rehab group therapy members supporting crying woman

Find Out Why Group Therapy is Helpful in Rehab

Rehab is the best place to get drug and alcohol treatment. Not everyone likes thinking about rehab, but it is helpful for so many people because it is a safe space to be vulnerable and think about their addiction while healing their bodies. Group therapy is a helpful part of the process because people get…

man getting emotional while therapist comforts him

Is Treating Adjustment Disorders Key to Long-Lasting Recovery? 

An adjustment disorder is not what it sounds like. In fact, it is mostly about how a person copes with what is going on around them. They may have a diagnosable condition which causes what seems like abnormal behavior. This may be paired as a co-occurring (dual diagnosis) disorder along with substance abuse. People who…

therapist discussing what helps boost recovery from heroin addiction with man

What Helps Boost Recovery from Heroin Addiction? 

The consequences of using heroin are heavy for people who experience the drug for the first time or multiple times. Overdose is a real threat, as with relapses, when people are trying to get clean. It can be a very difficult drug to quit using. Post-treatment challenges have no easy answers, but there are some…

doctor prescribing morphine

What to Know About Morphine Addiction

The opium poppy plant is where morphine starts. A painkiller that is highly potent, morphine can come in many forms, but it scheduled as highly addictive because it has serious implications for people who use it. People abuse the drug because they get addicted to the way it brings pleasure, then tolerance builds to the…