a doctor discussing LSD Addiction Treatment Center with a patient

LSD Addiction Treatment Center

More than 20 million people in the U.S. admit to having tried lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) at least once in their lives. Those who abuse the drug may need to seek help at an LSD addiction treatment center. After treatment, a rehab aftercare program provides the support necessary to resist using the drug again. Oceanfront Recovery offers…

what is suboxone

What Is Suboxone?

There is a great deal of attention focused on methods of treating the national health crisis of opioid addiction. Understanding what is Suboxone provides insight into its use as a strategy during recovery. In fact, using Suboxone is bringing renewed hope to those whose children and other family members are affected by substance use disorder.…

Doctor explaining detox for addiction to patient

Here Are 4 Reasons to Choose Detox for Addiction

People are resilient when given the tools to become successful. The same can be said about detox for addiction. When a parent steps back, watches their kids and lets them go, they are experiencing a unique fullness of seeing them grow away from them. Detox for addiction is much the same in the ‘you can…

Man wondering what the difference between ice and meth are

Know the Difference Between Ice and Meth (and Why it Matters)

Meth is a stimulant drug directly impacting the central nervous system. With this, the brain is influenced by chemicals responsible for overactivity. Because of weight loss effects, doctors prescribe meth as an aid for extreme cases of obesity. Meth is intended for medical purposes, but many people become addicted to it recreationally for its euphoric…

vaping supplies

The Risks of Vaping May Be Higher Than Cigarettes: What to Know About Addiction 

Vaping is a hot topic right now, at the top of people’s lists of controversial conversations. Some researchers believe there is a risk with vaping that is greater than cigarettes. Nicotine addiction is very challenging and damages a person’s health long term. It can lead to cardiovascular issues, lung damage, and overall health problems. Now…

woman crying while in group therapy during dual diagnosis withdrawal at Oceanfront Recovery

What is Dual Diagnosis Withdrawal Like and How Can You Seek Help?

Drug withdrawal can occur when a person quits using drugs or drinking. When dual diagnosis enters the picture, mental health issues complicate the situation and require dual diagnosis treatment. A variety of treatments exist now for people with dual diagnosis disorder, including group recovery, individual therapy, medication, and specific therapy just for people with addiction…