a man benefits in treatment from cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Techniques We Use that Work

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a type of psycho-social intervention aiming to alleviate mental distress symptoms such as anxiety and depression by reprogramming negative thought patterns to amend harmful behaviors. It has proven successful in treating substance use disorders when combined with other forms of addiction treatment. At Oceanfront Recovery, we pride ourselves on individualized addiction treatment…

a woman has chosen a rehab facility that is right for her by using these tips

10 Tips on Choosing the Right Rehab for You

Once you’ve decided to seek treatment for a substance use disorder, the next step is choosing a rehab facility that is right for you. Assessing your needs, knowing what options are available, and selecting a program that meets your needs and desires will significantly increase the odds of making a successful long-term recovery. Rehab is…

a man asks questions to ensure this rehab center is high quality

Questions to Ask a Rehabilitation Center to Prove They’re High-Quality

Seeking treatment for a substance use disorder is courageous. While it may seem daunting to enter a rehabilitation center, asking the right questions and assessing your options can ensure that you enter the right program. A little upfront research and interviewing the center before checking in will ensure that you’re in a safe, comfortable environment…

a woman figures out how she will pay for rehab and addiction treatment

How to Pay for Rehab and Addiction Treatment

The cost of addiction is immense and extends well beyond the financial realm taking a heavy toll on a person’s physical health, mental health, family, and community. Therefore, addiction treatment is an investment in health, wealth, and longevity. At Oceanfront Recovery, we understand that investing in recovery is an investment in your future self, family,…

a woman finds affordable rehab in laguna beach

What Is the Average Cost of Rehab in Laguna Beach?

Addiction is a growing health concern in California and across the United States. Since 2020, LA County has recorded 2,992,298 or more opioid prescriptions annually. Many more people suffer from unrecorded addictions to a wide range of substances. Overall, only 10% of people formally diagnosed with a substance use disorder in Los Angeles county access…

a woman finds affordable rehab in california

How to Find Affordable Rehab in California

Since 2020, the number of prescriptions for opioids in LA County has remained at or above 2,992,298. Fentanyl overdose has resulted in a ten-fold increase in deaths since 2015, while heroin-related ER visits have more than doubled, and amphetamine-related ER visits since 2018 in Los Angeles, California, increased by fifty percent. Despite these statistics, only…

a woman eats foods that will invigorate her recovery

Best Recovery Foods for Addiction and Substance Abuse

The best addiction treatment integrates substance use disorder treatment with the restoration of whole body health. One of the key aspects of overall well-being is eating a balanced diet of nutrient-rich whole foods. In the course of prolonged substance abuse, the body is depleted of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Without the support of a…

a man enjoys good nutritious food in rehab

What Is Food Like in Rehab and Treatment Centers?

When considering treatment options for addiction recovery, food may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, while it may seem secondary, nutrition plays a crucial role in recovery. Food is vital in nourishing the body’s systems during detox and treatment. Food can also provide a sense of comfort, stability, and joy and…

a man deals with symptoms of medication toxicity

Symptoms of Medication Toxicity

Medication toxicity occurs when too much of a prescription drug builds up in a person’s bloodstream. Drug toxicity can be dangerous, causing long-term health effects and even death. Medically supervised drug and alcohol detox ensures a person with drug toxicity remains safe and comfortable as the medication is eliminated from their system. Call Oceanfront Recovery…