Does Addiction Recovery Treatment Scare You?

For many, the hardest thing about addiction recovery is the treatment process itself. No doubt, there are thousands of horror stories about the pains of withdrawal, the seemingly endless days and nights of stress and anxiety, and how hard it is to fight the urge to use again after recovery. For every one horror story,…


Why Ignoring Addiction Simply Doesn’t Work

Far too often, those suffering from an addiction to any one of a number of substances, attempt to downplay the severity of their dependency by ignoring addiction. Unfortunately, studies have shown that many of their would-be saviors do, too. Is it a coping mechanism? An attempt to err on the side of caution, in case…


You’ve Been Taught Wrong: Disproving Common Myths about Illicit Substances

Most people grow up with what they consider to be a “basic understanding of drugs”, based on many common myths.   “Marijuana isn’t so bad,” they say. “Natural drugs aren’t as harmful as synthetic ones.” Here are 5 of the most common myths about drugs and addiction… and their startling truths. Sharing prescription medication isn’t really…

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Why do People Get Addicted in the First Place?

Research indicates that drug use can be linked to a number of negative stimulants that can range from depression and loneliness to peer pressure, self medication, and casual recreation. In some cases, individuals can even be predisposed to use drugs based on their genetic makeup. The subject of addiction, however, is a different story entirely.…


Is Substance Abuse Keeping You From Your Goals?

Substance addiction is a disease that forces your brain to seek pleasure from something that does your body an incredible amount of harm and has absolutely no upside, save the fleeting feeling of euphoria that soon becomes weaker and weaker as your body begins to crave more and more of said substance. Those that abuse…

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Is Professional Help Necessary for Recovery?

The short answer is a resounding yes. Research indicates that the detoxification process can be one of the most difficult and testing periods of an individual’s life. In this process, an individual effectively forces themselves to enter into a stage of intense withdrawal and allow their bodies to purge themselves of a substance that has…