a doctor explaining to a patient's family member about what is thc

What Is THC?

The nation has experienced a significant shift in how it views the use of marijuana. Some states now make it possible to use marijuana and other related products for medical and recreational use. THC is the reason why the drug produces its hallucinogenic effects. You may now be wondering, “What is THC?” it’s the ingredient…

a man feeling stressed wondering how can i stop drinking

How Can I Stop Drinking?

It’s the question that plagues many struggling with their dependency on alcohol, “How can I stop drinking?” It’s easy to feel like a failure when you see others seeming to have more success overcoming their addiction. What’s important is that you don’t give up and make the conscious choice to help yourself and not give…

a doctor explaining drug facts you should know

Drug Facts You Should Know

What comes to mind when you hear the word “drugs?” How much do you know about drugs beyond the headlines? Have you used substances but dismissed the idea of having a problem with drugs? What would your reaction be if you found out someone you cared about had an issue with drugs? People’s knowledge about…

a woman laying in bed needing to get Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment During a Pandemic

Recently, stock market fluctuations, national-level quarantines, and lost work has led to many people experiencing more anxiety than ever. The imposed isolation in several cities also makes it difficult for people who feel anxious to go out and get help or find ways to ease their loneliness. Even in these uncertain times, you can still…

a doctor explaining benefits of residential treatment to her patient

Benefits of Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is an option for people that have substance use disorders, mental health disorders, or dual diagnosis disorders. One of the benefits of residential treatment is that it offers the comprehensive tools that are needed for successful outcomes in treatment and for ongoing recovery.The residential treatment program at Oceanfront Recovery offers the opportunity for residents to begin their…

a woman trying to organize her pencils while wondering what is ocd

What is OCD?

Most people likely know the term OCD, yet likely do not know what the condition is, or the symptoms of it. What is OCD? What are the symptoms of the disorder? These are some questions that people often have about obsessive-compulsive disorder. Oceanfront Recovery helps with addressing OCD and other mental health disorders.What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?Obsessive-compulsive disorder…

a woman suffering from the early stages of addiction

Stages of Addiction

There are no exact factors that determines who becomes addicted to alcohol or to other drugs, or whether a person progresses through the stages of addiction. Some people likely believe that they have a basic understanding of addiction to alcohol and other drugs, but that they do not have an understanding of the stages of addiction.Did you…

a person showing signs of cocaine addiction as they do a line of cocaine

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine use puts users at risk for dangerous consequences, and even death. Some people fail to recognize the signs of cocaine addiction, while others continue using in spite of their addiction to cocaine.The treatment professionals at Oceanfront Recovery have the knowledge to recognize and treat cocaine addiction, and help individuals with a cocaine addiction regain control over their…