a man who has mixed alcohol and prescription drugs seems to have blacked out at the bar

Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

One of the greatest dangers of addiction isn’t a particular drug but rather the mixing of various substances to create drug cocktails, also known as polysubstance abuse. Alcohol is one of the most common mixers and most addictive substances available. However, most people mixing alcohol with prescription drugs can benefit from an alcohol addiction treatment…

a doctor writes and fills a prescription of benzodiazepines

Most Commonly Prescribed Benzodiazepines

Benzos, or Benzodiazepines, are psychoactive sedatives. They slow down brain functionality by enhancing gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). This dulls the central nervous system to create a sense of calm. They are also highly addictive. Many people use benzos due to a prescription and develop a dependence due to the sedative effects. Due to the increasing prevalence…

Client learning about dual diagnosis rehab options

Benefits of of Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Addiction and mental health issues are often intertwined. This is one reason professionals are recommending dual diagnosis treatment more and more commonly. When someone is experiencing a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder, addiction treatment specialists call it a dual diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder. Research has found that people with mental health…

a college student is seeking to buy a study drug called adderall to help him with his college work

Adderall Abuse and College Students

  In an increasingly competitive environment, young people feel the burden of competition and pressure to perform earlier and more intensely than ever. Unfortunately, this perception of intense competition, in conjunction with more and more young people receiving prescriptions for ADD and ADHD, is leading to an epidemic of stimulant addiction among college students. In…

finding the right rehab and residential addiction treatment program for her in laguna beach sets a woman up for a successful recovery from substance abuse

Finding a Rehab in Laguna Beach

While California is making significant efforts to address drug addiction and provide quality treatment, it remains a primary public health issue. Alcohol accounts for more nonfatal emergency room visits than all other drugs combined, and by the 11th grade, more than half of Californians have gained drinking experience. Since 2006, the number of fatal heroin…

a young woman comfortable discusses her benzo addiction with an addiction treatment counselor in rehab

Signs of Benzo Addiction

Benzodiazepines, or Benzos for short, are highly addictive Schedule IV controlled substances that depress the central nervous system. Despite their dangerous and addictive nature, benzos tend to fly under the radar. They are among the most popular drugs available, and their prescription rate is high in the United States. If you or someone you love…

a young woman gets emotional in a counseling session during meth addiction treatment

Recognizing Crystal Meth Abuse

Every addictive substance has unique characteristics that can make recognizing an addiction challenging. Recognizing an addiction via visual and behavioral cues can be vital to helping your loved one get the help they need in a timely fashion. Crystal meth abuse, in particular, can have immediate, devastating consequences on a person’s physical and mental health.…