man enjoying an afternoon out with colleagues while staying sober

How Can I Have Fun at Night (but Stay Sober)? 

 Going out at night may be a thing of the past in recovery. Or is it? It does not necessarily have to stop you from having fun unless nightlife is triggering for you. If you are used to thinking going into the night is equated with drinking or using drugs, you may feel stressed to…

man smiling peacefully at his home after addiction recovery

What Does it Mean to Find Peace After Addiction? 

 Recovery is not easy, but it is essential for people with addiction. It might mean medical detox, treatment for drugs or alcohol, or picking up some coping skills training. The time after rehab is the best time to focus on your needs and desires to stay clean and sober. Among them is the need to…

man concentrating during meeting with rehab counselor

Why Your Counselor Deserves More Respect in Rehab (and How to Listen Better)

 Substance abuse counselors provide a necessary support system for individuals recovering from eating disorders, drug and alcohol issues, gambling addictions, and other behavioral issues. By forming a relationship built on trust with their patients, counselors provide the support, resources, and judgement-free guidance that patients can utilize on their road to addiction recovery. Counselors in this…

man struggling with emotions during psychotherapy

Can Rehab Help You Expunge a Criminal Record?

 Addiction to substances can take over a person’s life. It can be serious enough to cause physical, emotional, and even legal troubles. Once a person with addiction craves the drug to the point of excluding other things from their lives, it can hurt them more than help. People with addiction and alcoholism will chase a…

man with his head under the pillow in bed

Try These Three Quick Tips to Get More Zzz’s in Recovery

Everybody seems to be going on less sleep these days, especially people in recovery. Insomnia is not a friend to many who enter recovery. Sleep deprivation can have serious ramifications on how a person thinks, feels, and acts. Low mood, impulsivity, and increased likelihood of relapse are all possible issues that may come as a…

group with hands in the middle representing building of their resiliency

How Can People in Recovery Build Their Resiliency Muscles?

 Pathways to recovery are many and varied, depending on the individual. One of the best ways to experience recovery is with resiliency to handle whatever comes your way. Resiliency research looks at how the brain is wired, especially regarding addiction and recovery, for renewal and reintegration of what it is learning. There is a shift…

wife supporting family member to give hope

These 5 Tips Can Help Family Members of Loved Ones with Addiction Find Hope

 Families can play an enormous role in supporting a loved one to seek help with addiction. When family stands alongside their loved one, they demonstrate their unconditional love for them and their ability to express hope for their journey. However, they sometimes get forgotten about in the midst of the loved one’s battle with addiction.…

man explaining signs of amytal abuse to therapist

What Are Signs and Symptoms of Amytal Abuse? 

Barbiturates are typically used to treat sleep disorders but may be used for anesthesia in hospitals. The drug works to increase a sense of calmness in the nerves, to slow it down, and help a person sleep. Amytal is one such drug that people have been taking for decades. It is highly likely a person…