abstract of man breaking up from long term effects of hallucinogen use

What Are the Long Term Effects of Hallucinogen Use?

Hallucinogens impact a person because they change how they see reality. They experience an impact on their prefrontal cortex. This controls cognition and perception, among other things. This impact is short-term, but some trips may last a long time (12 hours or more). When a person is taking hallucinogens, there are serious side effects and…

man discussing symptoms from Klonopin use to doctor

Don’t Ignore the Dangers of Klonopin

Klonopin is habit-forming for many people who use the drug. Addiction is a real threat for people who use the drug for just a few weeks. A benzodiazepine, addiction kicks in even when prescribed by a doctor. The receptors in the brain are blocked which reduces stress and anxiety. The brain cannot produce feelings of…

adult child recovering at Oceanfront Recovery wondering what should his parents know

What Should Parents and Loved Ones Know About Addiction?

 It is not easy to understand addiction in loved ones, especially children. They may behave in ways that seem outrageous or difficult to deal with. Addiction is about compulsive behavior and is defined by the consequences of these behaviors. The person with an addiction is unable to stop consuming substances in spite of consequences. They…

man being comforted while his family is affected by the Opioid epidemic

How is the Opioid Epidemic Affecting Families?

Opioids are claiming lives every day due to the impact it has on families. People closest to those who suffer often struggle in silence until loved ones step in to help them notice the challenges they face. Family and friends may watch their loved ones struggle and want to help but feel lost inside the…

woman smiling telling her sobriety story to support group

Women Who Struggle with Alcoholism Need Extra Support: Here’s Why

Women are using drugs and alcohol at faster rates than men in present times. Alcoholism is growing for women, leading to health complications like heart disease, liver damage, and mental health complications. Women are also at risk of violence, sexual assault, and other crimes against themselves when they drink excessively. Rehab programs are the safest…

man discussing polysubstance abuse with his doctor

What Is Dangerous About Polysubstance Abuse?

 Anyone can be addicted to substances at any point in their life journey. Drugs and alcohol do not interact well, no matter what the drug. It can create a perfect storm of challenges for people with pre-existing conditions, including health problems that require medical attention. Some substances interact negatively with others, which has a negative…