a woman using exercises for stress

Breathing Exercises for Stress

Dealing with everyday stress is a problem we all face, but some manage it better than others. Nevertheless, there are some excellent exercises for stress that will help you cope. Oceanfront Recovery can guide individuals through some general stress management techniques and some breathing exercises to help you deal with stress. Stress Management Managing stress…

a young person unaware of drinking and the brain

Underage Drinking and the Brain

Many parents worry about underage drinking, and rightly so. A young adult’s brain is still developing, and alcohol can be more dangerous to a teenager than an adult. The following article will look at drinking and the brain, and the impact underage drinking has on mental health. Drinking and the Brain Young people who start…

a woman undergoing holistic therapy options

Five Popular Holistic Therapy Options

Holistic therapy options are increasingly popular these days and for a good reason. For instance, alternative therapies are clinically proven to aid sleep, help control pain, and much more. The following article will examine some of the benefits of holistic therapy and look at five popular options. Alternative Therapy The principles of holistic therapy options…

an older person struggling with elderly alcohol abuse

Help for Elderly Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol addiction or what was once called alcoholism can happen to anyone, young or old, but it can be much more dangerous for the elderly. Elderly alcohol abuse is not uncommon, and it often goes hand in hand with another problem, like depression or anxiety. Understanding some of the dangers of elderly alcoholism and what…

a person struggling with alcohol poisoning

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

When consuming alcohol, it’s essential to understand the signs of alcohol poisoning. For instance, knowing the signs and what to do about them could save someone’s life. Oceanfront Recovery has the experience to help you learn how to recognize the signs of alcohol poisoning and how to find the appropriate support. Signs of Alcohol Poisoning…

a young person talking to their doctor about substance abuse and ptsd

Substance Abuse and PTSD

Substance abuse and PTSD often go hand-in-hand. Also, it’s common for individuals to attempt to deal with the PTSD symptoms by turning to substances, such as drugs and alcohol. This form of self-medicating may help to briefly mask symptoms but inevitably worsens PTSD while increasing the risk of addiction. When a mental health issue coincides…

a parent and child in addiction and family

Addressing Addiction with Family

Talking about addiction to the family is challenging and can be upsetting. In other words, addiction and family are a difficult combination, but the following article will offer some advice on how to start talking about addiction with loved ones. Contact Oceanfront Recovery today to start learning about ways to address addiction. Addiction and Family…

a person concerned about their friend going through alcohol withdrawal

Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal

Millions of people deal with alcohol use disorder in the United States. Although people know that alcohol is harming their lives and bodies, they struggle to quit using alcohol and begin the path to sobriety. One reason is they fear the discomfort and pain that comes from alcohol withdrawal. Going through the withdrawal process alone…

a person holding synthetic Marijuana

5 Reasons to Avoid Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana is a newer type of drug that you may have heard about. Some people are marketing this drug as a more “legal” or “safe” alternative to marijuana. However, synthetic marijuana is nothing at all like marijuana. If you’ve heard about it but don’t know much about it, here are five reasons to avoid…