man looking out window on train doubting his instincts

How Do I Learn to Trust My Instincts?

Intuition was once thought to be an extrasensory thing, something that was too far out to be real. Perhaps it was ‘that feeling’ you got about a certain person you met that you had seen them before or had been in a certain place before. It might be that feeling you get when you walked…

man laughing with happiness after singing out of tune at the park

What Singing Has to Do with Happiness

You may look for ways to brighten your outlook on life in different things like working out, writing, even reading up on how to be happier in books and articles online. However, exercising your vocal cords may be one of the best ways to use your vocal cords and stretch your thoughts around how to…

person sitting on dock with dog during recovery recreation therapy

What is Recovery Recreation Therapy?

Hitting the recovery road is hard for people because they are forced to do new things they haven’t done before. Every step is new, filled with fears, challenges, and limiting beliefs being rocked. Recreation therapy can help you build confidence, trust in yourself and others, and support you in recovery. A huge piece of the…

man jogging in the city to stay fit in recovery

How Do I Find Cheap Ways to Stay Fit in Recovery?

Recovery is a great time to think about how to get in shape. Not everyone can, or wants, to spend money on expensive gym memberships. More people are looking to work out at home or find workouts they can do on demand. Exercise is healthy in recovery and there are many ways to create a…

digital representation of brain-based therapy from addiction to promote healing

Brain-Based Therapy from Addiction is Key to Healing

Brain-based therapy is new in the world of medicine. It is used in a variety of ways. The concept is simple but also complex. People need treatment for their brains. While most experts agree that addiction is complex and cannot be reduced to a single theory or treated singularly, more is needed to know whether…

man jogging with his beagle to stay on track with summer sobriety

How Do I Stay on Track with Summer Sobriety?

Staying focused on sobriety when summer months come along can be a challenge for some people. The weather is warmer, the sun shines longer, so it seems like the perfect time to be going out more with friends. The summer is a time to relax and kick back but there is no way to relax…

man smiling while Selincro helps him fight back against alcoholism

How Selincro is Helping Fight Back Against Alcoholism

A new drug coming out of Europe is showing promise in the fight against alcoholism. Selincro is approved by European regulators to fight back against the disease of alcoholism. It is recommended for men who drink 60 grams of pure alcohol per day (approximately 1.5 bottles of wine) and for women who drink 40 grams.…

two men sitting on monument steps searching for meaning and purpose

What Are Ways to Search for Meaning and Purpose?

Meaningful life experiences and purpose is something it seems everything is looking for “out there” somewhere. These life goals foster a sense of purpose that a person’s life can change if they know their life has meaning. A sense of purpose is also an evolutionary thing that helps drive us to have kids, raise a…

woman helping man recovering from addiction to color a work of art

Art is Helpful in Recovery from Addiction: Here’s Why

When you admit you have a problem with substance abuse, this is the first step in working through addiction and towards recovery. Seeking help is the next step in your journey. You may be getting help or seeking counseling and support. No matter where you are in the journey, you need to communicate with people…