therapist talking to man about managing feelings of regret during recovery

Why Managing Feelings of Regret Can Strengthen Recovery

Feelings of regret are not uncommon in recovery. Emotions are high for many people and vary widely over the course of the journey. Looking back on the choices a person made while addicted to drugs and alcohol can bring up difficult emotions, including regret. Learning to navigate these feelings in a positive way can boost…

sobriety meeting members holding hands in circle

What is the Difference Between Sobriety and Recovery? 

Drug addiction takes a toll on people’s lives, jobs, and relationships. It also takes a toll on the family who love them. Getting sober is a journey that takes a great deal of time and energy but is worthwhile to stop drinking or using drugs and reclaim your life. There are key differences between sobriety…

recovered man enjoying a day at the park with his wife and children

What is Life in Recovery Really Like?

 Rehabilitation can be a difficult thing for people to admit they need in support of recovering from addiction. Asking for help is not easy for many people, especially those who struggle with substance abuse issues. Going to rehab can be intense because of past experiences that inform the current decision, or it is a new…

social media facebook login on laptop

Why the Power of Social Media Can Become a Crossover Addiction

 Social media is in everyone’s hands now, it seems. Anywhere people go they are hyper-connected to their smartphones where they can see what other people around the world are saying, doing, and engage with it at a moment’s notice. Research is just now beginning to catch up with how people’s behavior around social media can…

doctor teaching man how to stop takin Ultram

How Can I Stop Taking Ultram?

Ultram is a medication that aids in pain relief. The main active ingredient is tramadol, which works to relieve moderate to severe pain. There are different forms of this medication, but it is believed to work in the person’s central nervous system to have an impact which changes the way a person perceives and feels…

group addiction group holding hands during addiction treatment program

What is a Good Addiction Treatment Program?

A treatment program for people with addiction helps them navigate their recovery with the help of trained therapists and individuals who understand the power of drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse treatment programs offer best practices on how to help people understand the nature of addiction, treat underlying causes, support mental health issues, and help them…