Teens driving on their way to Ocean Recovery after paying for rehabPaying for rehab treatment can sometimes be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be with our reasonably priced programs and the help of our intake coordinators. We want you to know that Oceanfront Recovery is here to help every step of the way to make paying for rehab as simple as it can be during the rehab admissions process. Our professional and compassionate intake staff can answer any questions you may have about payments for our addiction treatment programs. We’ll help you to ascertain the best and most cost-effective way to pay for treatment for you or your loved one.

The first and best option to pay for rehab is usually to utilize an insurance policy. Many insurance policies provide coverage for drug addiction or alcohol treatment. Oceanfront Recovery accepts most insurances and will help you find out how much of your treatment is covered. Feel free to contact us, or fill out our rehab insurance verification form, and we will be happy to check your coverage and let you know what options you have with your insurance policy.

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Financing for treatment may also be available, and our intake staff may be able to help you in this regard as well, so please call today to discuss paying for rehab. Another option that is always available is to use cash or a credit card to pay for treatment, and sometimes this is an appropriate choice, depending on the individual circumstances of you or your loved one.

Whatever the current situation of you or your loved one may be, Oceanfront Recovery will take the time to help you go over all the options available to you in paying for treatment. So please call today and break the cycle. Time is of the essence, and our experienced and dedicated intake counselors are ready to help now.