man coping with anxiety during recovery with support from group therapy members

Anxiety in Recovery is Challenging: Try These 5 Tips to Cope

Anxiety is a common emotion for many people, especially in recovery. Many symptoms like over-worrying, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, feeling edgy, and getting stressed about little things can become overwhelming to deal with. The brain plays a role in anxiety disorders, as well, since recovery has a lot to do with how the brain was influenced…

luggage packed with clothes and phone for addiction treatment at Oceanfront Recovery

What Should I Leave at Home When I Go to Treatment?

Some people are thinking about going to rehab or treatment for addiction. While this is a good thing in and of itself, the treatment program may bring up anxieties, fears, and other worries about what to expect. There are best care practices that can help a person focus on treatment, all depending on the policies…

man practicing paddleboard yoga for recovery therapy

Paddleboard Yoga Can Be Great for Recovery Therapy

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is a great exercise that has caught people’s attention in recent years. It looks like kayaking or surfing, but typically is not done with a lot of waves around. SUP yoga is an entirely different exercise than regular stand up paddleboarding. Learn more about why people are taking up SUP yoga…

man coping with grief in recovery surrounded by his therapy group

How Do I Cope with Grief in Recovery?

Grief is a normal response to difficult circumstances in life. Whether it is death, loss of a friendship, divorce, moving, or other situation, the challenge is still the same. The grief can consume a person’s life if they get lost within its depths. Letting grief become too overwhelming can lead to less ability to function…

man practicing yoga and meditation on bed at Oceanfront Recovery

Why Does Meditation Matter?

Meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people like it, some people don’t, and yet others still loathe the practice of sitting and being still. The reason for this varies, but mostly people who are not sure about the practice may not be aware of some of the benefits of how it can support…

man looking out window on train doubting his instincts

How Do I Learn to Trust My Instincts?

Intuition was once thought to be an extrasensory thing, something that was too far out to be real. Perhaps it was ‘that feeling’ you got about a certain person you met that you had seen them before or had been in a certain place before. It might be that feeling you get when you walked…