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Recovery does not end when treatment is over. In many ways, the journey is just beginning when a person completes treatment. Finishing a round of treatment means you have become an addiction recovery alumnus. Providers like Oceanfront Recovery offer alumni numerous options and ways to stay engaged after treatment through an alumni program. This program offers formal and informal ways for people to connect with others looking to stay sober.

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What Is an Alumni Program?

Alumni programs connect people to addiction treatment professionals and others who have completed treatment. Many times, these connections are social events like cookouts, volunteer opportunities, arts and crafts sessions, or outdoor activities like hiking. Other times, alumni programming is focused on tactical recovery services like support groups, which can be offered in person or virtually.

The alumni program at Oceanfront Recovery is all about relationships. We know how critical maintaining positive, sober relationships is for people looking to stay sober. The more supported someone feels, the more likely they are to continue meeting their recovery goals after treatment ends. Alumni programs combat the isolation that many people otherwise experience once they complete treatment. They offer accessible opportunities to engage with peers and the treatment staff they built bonds with.

What to Expect from Our Alumni Program

Alumni rehab programs allow for whatever level of engagement a person needs. It’s possible to engage in something as often as weekly. Others may prefer doing something monthly. The sober activities offered to alumni are designed to create connection, become forums where alumni trade advice, and be sources of encouragement.

Recovery is difficult both during and after treatment. It is easy to get discouraged or be tempted by addiction triggers that cause relapse. That’s why alumni programs are so key. So, what kind of activities can you expect as an alumnus? Here are a few ways we try to connect our alumni:

  • Social media groups
  • Volunteering
  • Support groups, including 12-step groups
  • Hiking
  • Cookouts
  • Annual alumni get-togethers

That list is hardly exhaustive. Moreover, we are always listening to our alumni to ensure the activities and connection points we offer are engaging and meet our community’s needs.

Benefits of a Rehab Alumni Program

Oceanfront Recovery’s alumni program offers many different benefits. As we have already emphasized, the biggest thing in an alumni program is relationships. Maintaining and building those with others in recovery is a huge benefit. Attending group activities rebuilds a positive social identity and provides insight from others on the transition from treatment to normal life.

The other benefits of alumni programming depend somewhat on the activity. Support groups and 12-step meetings are naturally beneficial in terms of building relationships, holding participants accountable to sobriety, and delivering valuable skills. Meanwhile, volunteer service can help people see the value in helping others and serving the wider community.

Social activities like hiking, bowling, or a cookout can just be enjoyable events. Everyone needs an occasional reminder just to have fun and be joyful. These kinds of sober, social activities are great at helping people find themselves again. Many of them may even inspire hobbies that last beyond an alumni program.

Find Help with Addiction at Oceanfront Recovery

Oceanfront Recovery is a leading addiction treatment provider. We match comprehensive treatment with high-quality aftercare planning and alumni programming. We understand that a commitment to sobriety is lifelong. That’s why our programming is built to stay with you for as long as you need it.

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