three happy women laying in the grass addicted to love

What Are Some Tips to Confront a Loved One About Addiction with Love?

Loving someone does not disqualify them from hardship. Even more so, they are likely to experience hard times because they are not immune to the challenges of life, in spite of what may be a loving, caring, family. When someone is loved who deals with drug and alcohol addiction, they can struggle in spite of…

therapist helping client dealing with grief during the holidays

Learn How to Deal with Grief Before, During, and After the Holidays

Going to see family around the holidays can bring out the most challenging emotions for people. It is a great time of celebration, but it is also challenging in many ways. Thanksgiving,  Christmas, and New Years can be daunting to face when sober. That first holiday sober can be especially difficult, especially if others may…

family programming meeting for loved one suffering from addiction

What is Family Programming for Loved Ones of Those with Addiction? 

Family programming is an activity that supports loved ones of those in rehab. It brings everyone together and offers them a bigger picture of what life can look like when they work together for the benefit of the person in rehab. Addiction impacts the entire family, so including them is crucial to the process. To…

Friendly doctor open to explaining opana and oxycontin

Are Opana and OxyContin the Same? 

Opana (ER) is no longer in production, but it has had some damaging effects on people’s lives. Opioids act the same, whether it is Opana, or Oxycontin, and they impact the central nervous system. The reason people use drugs is to either get a high from it or relieve pain but become dependent. Medical opioids…

surgeon and doctor walking while discussing pain management of patient with opioid addiction

Understanding Pain Management May Help Curb Opioid  Addiction

 The opioid crisis has been spiraling out of control for some time. Pain management is a real challenge for some people who cannot find measures that work. They turn to addictive substances in order to curb their pain, alongside opioid addiction, and end up feeling worse off than before. Once people understand pain management, they…

man having difficulty with self forgiveness to heal during therapy at Oceanfront Recovery

What Are the Signs of Salvia Addiction and Withdrawal?

Salvia is a plant that grows in South and Central America. It comes from Mexico and is typically reserved for use in healing and rituals. The FDA has listed it as a poisonous plant. Salvia divinorum is an herb considered potent for its hallucinogenic properties. It is not believed to disrupt levels of serotonin in…