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Luxury Rehab for an Affordable Rate

When you struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction, it can feel easy to keep making excuses to avoid getting help. There’s no shame in this; seeking assistance and making positive changes is never easy. However, don’t allow the cost of rehab to become one of those reasons. Without proper research, you may feel like…

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Health Insurance Myths

There are many misconceptions that people worldwide carry about health insurance. For example, many people believe that a plan with the lowest monthly premium is the plan with the lowest cost. This isn’t usually the case, as you have to factor deductibles and co-pay costs into what you’d be paying for healthcare. Some other myths…


6 Signs of Addiction

It’s easy to get wrapped up in worry about your loved ones. Sometimes, these worries can be unfounded or misplaced. A parent will worry when their child is five minutes late coming home from school, and spouses may worry when their text goes unanswered for half an hour. It’s easy to get carried away with…

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Signs of Benzo Abuse

Benzodiazepines, or benzos, are a sedative prescribed to people to manage their anxiety and treat panic disorders, seizures, or insomnia. They are also sometimes used as an anesthetic or treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Their uses are valuable, but benzos can also be quite addictive. Most professionals recommend that benzodiazepines are only taken for a month…