intoxicated man sitting on steps with head down

What Does it Mean to Be Intoxicated?

Intoxication is a common term that is used to describe the state someone is in, after consuming large amounts of alcohol, or other addictive substances. The point at which intoxication occurs, which is when the alcohol produces mental or physical impairments in the person, and they display symptoms like slurred speech, difficulty in walking, or…

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The Journey of Recovery Means Arriving Every Day

The struggle of addiction recovery may seem like the rod going to nowhere. What people with addiction need to realize is that it is a road that winds around but provides lots of opportunity. More opportunity will come from recovery than staying on the road of being addicted. Arriving each and every day willing to…

man struggling with emotions during psychotherapy

What Should I Not Expect from Psychotherapy?

Whether someone is making an independent choice to go to psychotherapy, or a loved one is encouraging them to go, they will always come to their first session with some misconceptions. Part of it is that most people are outsiders to the mental health field, and therefore hold some ideas that are not true. Holding…

man with head down at bar after drinking too much whiskey

The Fight Against Stress in Addiction Recovery Requires Support

Researchers have been looking at ways to fight stress in addiction recovery. One of the key elements to fighting back against stress is to get the right support. The study looked at the role of the brain’s stress system in alcoholism in regards to negative aspects of alcohol withdrawal. Find out what they discovered and…

man stressing during therapy

Does Stress Work Against Memory?

Stress and memories are related. While a little bit of stress can serve as a good motivator, a lot of stress is more often an obstacle than beneficial. Stress inhibits the way memories are formed and retrieved, and it can even affect how memory works.When we are stressed, it affects how memories are formed, and…

man sharing with therapy group some tips to be more optimistic

What Are Some Tips to Be More Optimistic?

Optimists and pessimists see the world quite differently. If you think your glass is always half empty, you might learn a few things from some of these tips. If your glass is always half full, then you know what some of these are saying but you might still benefit from knowing how to be more…

Father smiling arm in arm with teen son

Why Addiction Recovery Takes So Much Time (and Effort)

Addiction can run within a family, a community, and also a country. Addiction recovery takes a lot of time and effort because it is not easy. The good news is that addiction can be overcome. It does not happen quickly. Nearly 2 million people with addiction center treatment each year. Learn more about why it…

man opening up about stress during one-on-one therapy at Oceanfront Recovery

Does Stress Increase Stroke Risk?

There is a connection between stress and stroke risk. Conventional wisdom said that stress leads to stroke, but it is more difficult to prove that one clearly causes the other. A growing body of research seems to show a link. Studies Show One study from the University of Michigan found men who were more physiologically…

man craving alcohol and staring out window

Alcohol Cravings Can Be More Manageable with These 4 Tips

Alcohol cravings are a part of life for people in recovery. They take place without warning and can make management of symptoms very difficult. Alcohol cravings are manageable but only with some solid tips and tools under your belt. Find out how to beat the cravings one step at a time.CognitiveOne way to beat cravings…