therapist making list of symptoms of patient that are the warning signs of relapse

What Are the Warning Signs of Relapse?

Relapse is common with over 90% of people in recovery from heroin addiction relapsing at some point. People who struggle with other addictions are also at risk of relapse in early recovery, especially, but also at any other point, as well. It may feel easy to miss the warning signs of relapse if you are…

man supporting adult son who left rehab early

How to Support a Loved One Who Leaves Rehab Early

The best-laid plans don’t always play out according to script. Addiction treatment bears this out as much as anything else in life. Even if you have done everything you could to help a spouse, child, or friend, now they are out of treatment early and you feel lost as to how to best handle the…

man telling heroin addiction recovery story to group

Can IOP Treat Heroin Addiction?

Heroin is highly addictive. An approach that is most effective is being inpatient at a rehab facility that helps focus treatment on recovery for the individual. Another approach is called an ‘intensive outpatient program,’ or IOP. This treatment approach involves daily or weekly meetings with a sponsor and sobriety support group. IOP is often the…

group holding hands to work on how to overcome fear of being alone

How Do I Overcome the Fear of Being Alone?

Nobody likes to think about living their life alone. Perhaps that is because we are social creatures by nature and love community with each other. Some people who are introverts value time alone but also seek out others to share their life with. There can be other reasons why people become isolated and afraid of…

man explaining how sobriety is a long journey and worth it to group

Sobriety is Just Another Term for a Long Road Ahead (in a Good Way)

The word ‘sober’ has negative connotations for some people who think it maybe is cliched or old hat. On the flip side, it is another term for what lies ahead, which is sobriety, a clean slate, and a fresh beginning. Sober is the one word that beautifully represents the hugely positive transformation people experience in…

man with head down at bar after drinking too much whiskey

What is the Impact of Alcohol on Hormones?

The hormones in the body work together in a coordinated system that keeps the body healthy and functioning. Hormones act as messengers for the chemicals working to control and coordinate all functions of the body’s tissues and organs. When it is working properly, the amount of hormones released and tissues respond to the messages. Alcohol…

man happy about setting new goals for this year

How Do I Set Better Goals for This Year?

Every year people the world over choose resolutions for the new year. These are habits people try to do every day, or habits they may try to avoid as long as possible. Many resolutions are forgotten within a month or two. A major reason for this is that it is difficult to develop or deny…