sober halloween

Tips to Enjoy a Sober Halloween

How do you think tenants of sober living homes celebrate the holiday season? With sober activities, of course. And the holiday season begins with a sober Halloween celebration. Halloween often marks the start of the holidays because it’s the first of several that happen over the next few months. And even though parties and family…

insurance for drug rehab

Best Insurances to Pay for Drug Rehab

Before you go through the admissions process at an addiction treatment facility, it’s best to determine if you can use your health insurance for drug rehab costs. Many insurance companies didn’t cover substance abuse treatment in the past. Most denied addiction treatment coverage based on whether substance use disorders or other co-occurring mental health conditions…

long term effects of meth

Long-Term Effects of Meth

How many lives have been saved by meth addiction treatment centers? There have to be a lot. The long-term effects of meth use can be dangerous. A continuing meth addiction typically leads to health complications or a fatal overdose, too. And with meth cravings and various physical discomforts making meth withdrawal difficult to get through…