a woman drinking coffee wondering is weed a drug

Is Weed A Drug?

With the prevalence of marijuana use displayed in pop culture and on social media, it’s easy to believe that using it carries no side effects. It’s true that marijuana typically doesn’t carry the same risks as harder drugs like heroin or crack cocaine. However, that doesn’t mean the answer is “no” when asking, “Is weed…

a doctor walking her patient through a substance abuse evaluation

Substance Abuse Evaluation

Substance abuse takes over a person’s life and damages their mind, body and relationships they once considered important. Many people spend everything they have supporting their habit. When the money runs out, they turn to other means, often illegal, of getting their substance of choice. Those actions put them and sometimes those they care about in…

an older man dealing with mental disorders from drug use

Mental Disorders From Drug Use

The idea of people using drugs to self-medicate symptoms of mental illness is not new. They may turn to drugs for euphoric feelings that offset feelings of depression or use alcohol to make themselves feel less anxious in social situations. However, drugs do more than worsen the side effects of mental illness. The changes caused…

a group therapy program learning about alternatives to aa

Alternatives to AA

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has become essential to millions of Americans battling an addiction to alcohol. It provides support and a sense of community to those looking to continue their path of recovery and sobriety. However, not everyone finds themselves comfortable with the more spiritual approach taken by AA. For them, there are some quality AA alternatives…

a man wondering is my loved one struggling with depression

Is My Loved One Struggling With Depression

It’s hard to know when we’re showing concern or overstepping our bounds. But it’s hard to sit back and do nothing when you notice that someone you care about appears to be suffering. It may get to the point where you ask yourself, “Is my loved one struggling with depression?” One reason it can be…

a woman wondering do i need thc addiction treatment

Do I Need THC Addiction Treatment?

For many people, using THC products brings no more risk than the normal consumption of alcohol. Getting hold of THC is easier now since some states now legalize the medical and recreational use of marijuana and other THC products. That doesn’t mean there aren’t risks involved in its use. If you feel you’re developing a…